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The Adjective Twin: A Poem of Pain

The Adjective Twin: A Poem of Pain 

I am "presumptuous" 
and with my brother, "arrogant" 
we are the adjective twin
of "gentle" blame
of "gentle" wounding
of "gentle" continued "colonization"
constantly in an "unconscious" search 
for unsuspecting names to attach to,
so that we can remain collectively unconscious
of our shadows.

We were born 
(and are constantly re-born)
from the culturally "unconscious" womb
of (even "progressive") white privilege,
with the help of "pre-judgment" 
the midwife who abhors "decolonization."   

And heed this warning: 
We do NOT like mirrors,
because clear mirrors  
(tell at an uncomfortable-making 
non-white-privileged "pace" 
of needed transformation)
the kind of "decolonization" truths,
truths that inconveniently bring to consciousness
"well-intentioned" unconscious Orientalism, 
(Truths that could potentially flourish into 
"Reconciliation" healing, 
IF allowed mirrorfulness);
these kinds of truth make my brother and I 
really (mostly "unconsciously") uncomfortable,
because we don't resonate 
with mirrors, with reflection,
'cause rather than truthfully being "set free"
we like to be comfortable in our privilege.

When we, the adjective twin 
attach ourselves to unsuspecting names 
(who expect standards that befit 
real civility, real nonviolence, real caring)
Mother Earth's mirrors of tearful eyes
break in 1,001 pieces 
of feel-goodist "progressive" self-deception,
that "gently" kill peace--on Earth. 

Don't blame us, though, 
(and definitely, but "gently"
DO silence the wailing sirens 
of inconvenient awakening) 
because we are the adjective twin, 
and the "progressive" harm we cause
is ever so "gentle" and "well-intentioned." 

By: Moji Agha (Mojtaba Aghamohammadi)
Monday, March 26, 2018
Boulder, Colorado

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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