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Sing oh Hummingbird Sing
Sing that beautiful love song so melodiously
The song that made him promise to love her endlessly
And made her fall in love with him hopelessly
He whispered, so luring, the words uttered so softly and sweetly
She listened, so believable, she trusted him, no inhibitions, so gullibly
A freefall, so powerless, she let herself slip undeniably and unwillingly
Until all she heard was the beautiful love song
The song which saw teardrops of joy trickling ever so gently
Sing oh Celine Dion Sing
Sing that “Because you loved me” song so sweetly
The song that reassured her of his promise firmly
And swept away all the hurtful moments from her past swiftly
He declared, “never will you hurt again as long as I’m here” so powerfully
She nodded, so grateful, in the nick of time he came into her life proudly
A blessing, so cherishable, no idea how her luck had changed so suddenly
Little did she know, he had altered her playlist secretly
Sing oh Beyonce Knowles Sing
Sing that “Broken-Hearted Girl” song so vehemently
The song that brought her crashing from cloud nine unexpectedly
And snatched away all her hopes and dreams relentlessly
He spat out, “I said I loved you…but I lied” without remorse and so cruelly
She gasped, so horrified, shaking her head in disbelief looking at him glaringly
A sword, so sharp, digging, twisting and driving through her heart so violently
Those teardrops no longer as sweet as chamomile

Sing oh Taylor Swift Sing
Sing that “Teardrops on my guitar” song so acoustically
The song that made her bring out her notepad suddenly
And begin placing these words on paper zealously
She closes her eyes, daydreams, all she sees is him holding her passionately
She wakes up, hurtful, remembers him holding his new girl happily
She scribbles, so emotionally, letting her teardrops bleed out the ink untidily
The tears which have stopped singing the song
All there is left is silence turned into emptiness

Sing oh Brandy Norwood Sing
Sing that “Gonna find my love” song so vivaciously
The song that has removed the flatline from the EKG finally
And has resuscitated her once broken heart miraculously
She dances, so joyfully, knowing the time will come and she waits patiently
Her time, her moment, to finally find him who was made for her so perfectly
She smiles, so excitedly, believing in her she is made fearfully and wonderfully
Teardrops on her notepad now sing a beautiful song
A song she hopes will become every woman’s heart song

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 8/6/2014 9:29:00 PM
Sharon, wow.. Putting this complex write together was no easy task. I commend you for doing it with excellence and grace!
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