Talking with another friend 
about the starvation
in the world she stated 
"why do they have so many children?"

Another friend, comes from that area,
asking him I got told,
"Sex is everywhere, 
they don't have money,

What little money they do have,
they use for buying food,
they can't afford contraceptives,
they have a right to live"

It's easy, to put the blame on people, 
blame them and you have
a reason, not to help,
why help if it's, their fault,

It's all too easy for people 
in the world, to blame each other,
Third world cultures blame America,
They are rich 

They should solve our poverty problems
their companies create pollution
they should stop them
they are evil

the whole world loves to play
The blame game, lets blame each other 
Why help the unemployed,
most of them don't want to work,

yet how do you know that, 
Is that a fact, or just an opinion,
Let's make the unemployed ,
work for their benefit,

I've heard that before,
and seen the results,
an unemployed person, 
working sixty hours a week,

With dreams of getting a job,
that he was never going to get,
employers abusing people, 
abusing the system, 

Cutting costs getting people working,
Without paying for their efforts,
opinions everybody has one,
yet what we need are solutions,

people need real jobs,
Jobs that lift them, 
out of poverty,
Jobs that give them a future,

Teach a man the benefits,
and they will want to work,
teach people to create success,
and your country also succeeds,

So much more could be done 
with commerce rather than charity
Charity has people expecting you
to solve their problems

commerce allows them
to solve their own problems
people with wages 
don't need charity

The American people 
Protested to stop pollution
If pollution is a problem
it's your country make a stand

American people, lost their jobs
with company's running away,
to operate in countries that have less laws,
and cheaper wages

For their company's, 
to exist in your country,
they have already paid, 
with the loss of employment.

You Blame the American people,
for the acts of a few company owners,
people that don't care about pollution,
people that only care about profit.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 4/8/2017 4:12:00 AM
Hi Bernard, very good
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Date: 4/6/2017 3:10:00 PM
Bernard Barclay, I truly enjoyed reading this poem. The honesty and the integrity with which you use to describe humanity all over the world, is what is inside me and I am sure millions of caring people everywhere. Thanks for sharing.
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