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Super Moon, Gnomes, and Dragon

December is our busy month, just like that charming Spring Break, you bet!
And Dragon’s in the thick of things, something that others sometimes regret.
But not our Fraternity buddies, it’s Dragon time, and mischief… all the way.
For their hearts and minds are like, our three year old Dragons’… kinda fey! 

Yep, of that, there can be no doubt, you can bet on it, all the way… to dawn!
Christmas time is for the technology nerds; when they do finally, bring it on.
This year the super moon was so close, you could see it reflecting the light…
Like the twinkle coming, from those great, big Gnomes eyes, so very bright.

Mind you, they’re made of lasers, tracking devices, and other tech, most high.
So when you see the man on the moon fishing, yep, it’s just one of these guys.
Where in this, does Dragon fit in? He’ll be the one to take them, to the moon.
They’ve played Dungeons and Dragons, so know the magic Dragon, can boon!

So they put they’re gnomes in a sleigh, and took aiming straight, for the moon!
But the Elvin King, and Grandpa Troll had kept a close watch, on our buffoons.
No one, should ever drink and drive a Dragon, for they’re drawn just the same…
Into the shiny, fiery Sun, just like a moth is dangerously drawn into that flame!

Santa was called to solve the problem, for he had been a science nerd, once too.
They were pulled over by Santa’s Elvin cops; even he’s got some, who knew?
They later took off in Dragons’ sled, guided by Rudolf, with his nose so bright.
Santa was at the reigns, as a more joyous trip, had never flown, thru any night!

Their Gnomes were placed in strategic spots upon the moon while a friendly…
High tech Snowman, can be seen waving, as a new Mars, science site, sentry.
The Caroling, magic, and heights, made all the other senior fraternity pranks…
Pale in comparison for years, to come, but to stop the jealously in their ranks…

They decided to throw a BIG Fraternity party, in the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility.
Togas, and fun prevailed leading to a new nickname, Sea of Supreme Nerd-ity.
Then they all drank cocoa at Santa’s house and watched the Aurora Borealis…
Finally the sun came up, and all were taken safely home, from Santa’s palace.

So my moral is: Don’t drink and drive a car, or a Dragon. Leave the driving to
A designated driver, preferably a Santa Elf! It’ll be way more safe and fun!
So Merry Christmas and safely enjoy the parties!

Written 12-10-2016 By Hubby and Wulfie-Poo Eastman
We once read that Fraternities find a new place every year to put a garden Gnome. Merry Christmas!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 2/22/2018 12:49:00 AM
This is such a cute poem :)
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Date: 12/15/2016 9:04:00 AM
- A wonderful poem with good morals ... we always have something to learn .... even from a dragon :) - Best wishes for a peaceful and beautiful Christmas for you and your family, Carol & Hubby :) - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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