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Summer ReForesting School

YinYin, what did you most appreciate learning at school this summer? Probably in Community ReForesting. You know, the EcoTherapy Class I took instead of eating lunch, using "lunch" loosely as synonymous with edible, or at least tangentially related to edibility. Oh yes, that one. What stands out for you most in your Community ReForesting Cooperative Administration Class? I'm about ready to fall off the edge of my ecopolitical seat with hypnotically trusting wonder and awe. Funny. So, yeah, since you're so fascinated and all, it was studying the therapeutic ecological meaning of the regenerative root systemic word for EduCation as, basically, (0)Sum WinWin EcoPolitically refined Cation, a revolutionary reweaving of Lovelock's Gaian Hypothesis plus Taoist as Zeroist Yang+Yin = WinWin equals notnot PolyNomial YinSquared equals 0-Core PrimeRelational Fuller-Eulerian Fractal-Squared=Octave Spiral 4-dynamic season Revolutionary Sacred RightBrain Inductive Yin is (-,- double-bind, geo-eco-binary) Zero dipolar loves (+)1 UniVersal Interdependent Yang Thesis, Co-Arising BiLateral Dynamics (0)-Prime ReLationship-ReLigionship c-squared is dipolar appositional more than bipolar oppositional (0)Sum PrimeRelational-Fractal InFormation is also ExFormation dualdark-squared co-gravitation, cubed, or chopped up any non-equivalent cognitive-affectively dissonant algebraic and non-geometric fraction of a function or thermodynamic ratio or ration or formational spacetime function as ecofunction or reforesting synchronization we might EcoCationally prefer. So, you started with Cation trends of soil, strength and nurturing flow optimization indicators, and ended up back at our (0)Sum deep dualdark Black Hole LoseLose notnot double-bound Zero equals YinYin quantity/quality, and hence your name, another name for (0)Sum Cation HealthTrends? Yeah, thanks a lot for naming me after dirt Mom, that helps a lot with the social life, know what I mean? Loved sharing summer memories, but, getting back to Cation to EcoCation as Education seems clearer to me if you follow the historical-enculturing outline: Cation is a way of measuring, contrasting WinWin to LoseLose dynamic production and absorbing co-mentoring nutrient consumption, bilateral exchange capacities within soil. EcoCation is our way of RightBrain inducting, while LeftBrain languaging, contrasting WinHealthy with LosePathology ecopolitically cooperative collateral production and consumption nutrition-absorption trends, bilateral hemispheric cooperative exchange capacity development/devolution within 0-Core Gaian EarthTribe CoMessianic-Bodhisattva Souls. EduCation is best CoMentoring secularLeft and SacredRight WinWin optimizing EgoLeft with EcoRight root-systemic reforesting Paradise Beloved Communities enculturing Minds with healthy growing bodies, one of which is named YinYin for revolutionary dirt, or some such oxymoron. EduCation is how we define and deductively delineate WinLeftEgo (personal and/or national-cultural) exegetical and LoseRight NonElite, Yin-repressed through Yang-dominant eisegetical, from LoseLeft short-term exegetical deductive AND LoseRight long-degenerative future through past inductive. While EcoCation added to the above, reductive, non-bilateral balanced, EduCation yields the full spectral balance of WinWin through LoseLose: WinLeftYang--0Sum--WinRight YinSquared (me, holonic-fractaled) like DNA regenerative function with phylogenic fractal form, interdependently holonic, perpetuating bilateral temporal-spaciating Four-Dimensional ergodic-spiraling Metaphysical/Physical Sacred/Secular Spirit/Nature NonDual SpaceTime. EduCation could bilaterally optimize Deep Sacred Ecology Learning through enculturation of Left and Right balance, polynomial polyphonic octaved polypathic fractaled creolizing polycultural health outcomes for Secular EcoCation AND Sacred EduCation Inductive Wisdom-Personal Eisegetical Felt Trust v Mistrust v Active Distrust as re-mapped by Elder RightBrain RNA light/dualdark ergodic thermodynamic balancing Eulerian Prime Function ReMemory of Commons polyphonic multi-sensory octaves. EcoCation is our shared co-mentoring vocation, co-messianic, bodhisattva everyday preoccupations, currently embraced, more or less Yang/Yin WinWin harmonic balanced by cooperatively self-organizing PermaCultural Designers of interior landscapes and exterior climates of and for health, delineated with production and consumption seasonally adjusted systemic ego/eco-systems as cooperativized by a few revolutionary feminist ecotherapists, transgendering great transitional poets transitioning great transgenderal lyricists, cooperative ecopolitical evolutionary Gaian Theorists called EcoLogists of original hypostatic zero-fractal unions, Taoist Wu-Wei Tipping Points dipolar co-arising Yang + Yin does not equal Yang V. Yin (Win/Lose, Either-Or Deductive Dominant) just as Both-And not(+)not(+) does not normatively, quantitatively, qualitatively ecopolitically psychologically biologically ecologically logically rationally equal Either Win deductively (+) Or Lose inductively (-) because WinWin is a healthier slow-growth change choice, more naturally-spiritually nondual co-arising harmonic, most physically and metaphysically regenerative, like 0-sum fractal structure of thermodynamically balanced 4D RealTime DNA. Thank you, YinYin. I'm sure that was clear to somebody, although that person would not be me. Now, Yang, what did you learn at school today? And remember, this is not a competition about whose day was best and most loving and healthy and cooperative, much less a competition to see who can go on and on the longest, and fattest, and most plutocratically fascist, which is no way to run a reforesting summer school, rather much monoculturally lessening competitively learning more Win to Lose Business As Usual in a Yang-supremacist culture.

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