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Stuck on an island of no hope

Stuck on an island of no hope

You're stuck on an island, what are your choices
Hopefully the seeds in your head are good voices
First look towards the rising sun for direction
That was easy. Now look for shelter and protection
Now think ... if mosquito a breeding  near water 
You best look for an area that's dry my little squatter 
So look for a cave, or an area out of the wind
Keeping in mind that those palms are godsends
And look towards the fauna for twines, roots and leaves
To make bedding, clothing or anything else make believe
To my little squatter this won't be easy, I'm not going to lie
You might have to suck it up-on worms, parasites and fungi
That is if you want to survive and see another day of hell
To my dear squatter ... is anything I'm saying ringing a bell
The point is you need to use your ingenuity and know how
It's not that hard to use a rock to a stick to a bow an arrow
It's not that hard to use a rock to a stick to make a fire
And who knows you might catch a fish or roast a sire
Personally I would also leave a note to kin
Scribbling on wall to give them closure that you were a has been
See you need to be thinking. Don't let the elements get to you
As life's destiny screams and wanes in brew
My last bullet in the chamber would be to burn the island down
So it sends a signal that it's hey me come rescue me, I'm still around

Oh I'm so smart. Yeah right.

Above all keep your chin up, speak to the Gods or your mama
Like mama thank you for the voodoo doll spike and all this drama
Okay that was a joke, the point is you need to keep your spirits up
As you drink out of your last supper's cup
Okay that was a joke, too, my little pup
Enough of the jokes. Words to the wise, though, keep out of the sun
And have fun.

 connie pachecho


Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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