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Story of Afghanistan

Story of Afghanistan

The barren land of my birthplace
Green at times but screening a rocky face
Known for thousands of years for its warrior race
Let me tell you the truth,
No one really wanted this “space”.

Up until two lions began prying around
Initially, just fooling around
Afterwards, casting off their cannon sound
Resembling the 6th night of an infant’s fête
Building their castles, and so began the burial grounds.

The lions pledged to crush the other
With a master plan
Dividing the blood brothers
Such was the instruction of the queen mother
As the clans clashed and killed one another.
The chiefs were swallowed by the promise of gold
The mullahs were swapped for the hollow soul
The seniors by the fire recounted and foretold
The purpose for the lion’s vehemence
This story definitely in time will unfold.
The old grew timeworn
Waiting for their young ones to return home
The teenagers free born
Screamed out of their mosques’ domes
Come and join us in this struggle
Faced with the crusaders of the Church of Rome,
But little did they know,
No one will return but the maimed men to a funeral home.

The sturdier lion won the combat
But what has become of my Afghanistan
The wolf in a sheep’s disguise
Has spoiled my jade paradise
My heart denies it but I may have bombed my youthful chums,
This is now a global land-dwelling for bums and slums!
The lion wishes to be unveiled this time
So he promises to take the last dime
After all it pays to cooperate in war crimes!
He roars in a deafening cry
I bring Democracy to this land
With loads of cash in one hand
A whip in the back hand--forgetting the long years of perfidy
I now declare and demand
This is the new Promised Land.
 A woman of this realm is exposed with a promise
She is liberated by democracy
Famous on national publications like the story of Pocahontas
She’s affirmed independent and agreed to arise out of the darkness
As the saga is read to the United States Congress
She exhales
And anticipates the lion’s hunger
Waiting for the day when she will be veiled, unveiled, and then veiled again
Not by ordinary men
But by inscription of law.
Thank you for sealing the decree!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 6/26/2013 10:35:00 AM
Order your copy of The Afghan Mona Lisa xoxo az
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Date: 5/19/2013 3:25:00 PM
Very well penned. Congrats on your win. AO
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Date: 5/18/2013 8:48:00 PM
Congratulations on your well deserved winning poem.. Hail Yeah! to all the dragon slayer winners :-) :-) :-) *LINDA
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Date: 5/18/2013 8:28:00 AM
I can't wait to read your book! Please soup mail me on how to get it... I remember well when the then Soviet Union had to pull out of Afghanistan because they could not defeat the Taliban, and sadly, the more recent shooting of that courageous young girl who spoke up for women's rights by the very same Taliban...Fascinating and informative epic, Roya and congratulations - Tim
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Date: 5/17/2013 2:16:00 PM
Thank you so much for the encouragement and warm wishes everyone. I have written expansively on this subject matter. My Book will be out in three weeks, “The Afghan Mona Lisa” encompassing the voices of Afghan women and more… Peace Roya
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Date: 5/17/2013 1:57:00 PM
A wonderful should write a book with this theme. BG
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Date: 5/17/2013 1:30:00 PM
Fantastic poem and a fantastic win!
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Date: 5/17/2013 8:53:00 AM
This is such an incredible poem....narration, that stands alone. I am so amazed at the emotion, and at your talent. I agree completely with what Mystic has said below. Kuddos
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Date: 5/17/2013 2:22:00 AM
Congrats on your win. Rick
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Date: 5/16/2013 8:57:00 PM
Thank you for entering my contest
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