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Soul Stance River - 5

The delegation arrives in a procession of handsome, barbaric lineage
rugged in animal accoutrements and subdued in the presence of the future's skin,
the women, fine in wild beauty are bejeweled in beads, white and blues
that accent their pretty brown bodies like flowered earth
they present Clark and I with small parfleches illustrated
with rituals of season worship, each containing a fruit and flower
particular to each, and watermelons have been brought,
I am chagrined because their principal chief, Little Thief is not with them,
he is at the homestead, and so we must rely on his deputy, Chief Big Horse
to represent and convey our purpose, 
we commence with a demonstration of regimented military drill steps,
our soldiers, attired in full woodland Commando battle dress
marching along to the drum and bugle's lust for synchronized storm fury,
Big Horse and the Braves seem enamoured by the order and ingenuity of it,
upon finishing the presentation of power the keelboat's mounted brass canon
is fired into the treeline of the opposite bank exploding the wood
with invisible lightning from the God of dissolution himself,
to say they are startled is an understatement, 
I cordially present the Otoe Deputy an American flag
which he receives respectfully while Sharp Eyes, whom seems to be a senior warrior
wraps the "Stars and Stripes" around his shoulders like a cloak of sorcery,
also, several coats of various fabric and color are given with some knives, paints
and beads, which are a form of currency amongst the widespread Indian nations,
it is my responsibility, Meriwether Lewis, to orate on behalf of the United States of America
which are presently seventeen States strong, I must inform these peoples
whom have made this land their birthplace,  their life and their crypt for millenia
that there is a new Great Father for them, for us all in the East,
that a revolution in law, trade, religion and warfare
is upon them like a new sky
which can bring an atmosphere of happiness,  or marvelous wrath,
cooperation with the United States and it's people is vital for survival, 
the Otoes shall not impede the pathway 
or injure any White Man traveling the Missouri or Plains,
the Great Father Jefferson also desires that the Otoe maintain friendly relations
with all of it's neighboring tribes, we must become branches of the same fruitful tree,
we also ask that your Chief Little Thief visit Washington,  our capitol next summer,
when I finished speaking I gifted the leaders each a Jefferson Peace Medal,
the speech was translated through Old Dorion and the French traders
and everything indicates that the Otoes
understand the situation like brain understands hunger,
Big Horse loaded his calumet, carved in the image of a lady hawk, slender and virtuous,
we smoked into the night, settled some quaint suspicions
and then he asked, if we be so mighty then the U.S.
can make peace between his Otoes
and their enemies amongst the Pawnee, Omaha and Sioux
to which I replied that the Corps of Discovery
must move forward with it's primary objective
as the sun must journey the horizon without pause
and has not the opportunity to settle such things now
but that these quarrels will be quelled very soon by the medicine of wisdom,
together, our two troupes ate buffalo tongue and drank warm spirits,


Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 2/21/2016 12:14:00 AM
"a revolution in law, trade, religion and warfare is upon them like a new sky which can bring an atmosphere of happiness, or marvelous wrath," ... freedom is a beautiful thing! But how ugly it can be when unattached to values. Really adored your expression here ... "wraps the "Stars and Stripes" around his shoulders like a cloak of sorcery," It paints a picture in my mind of how magical the thought was, at that time, of the coming revolution!
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 2/22/2016 6:46:00 PM
Something of stylistic interest in this portion is that I almost imperceptibly transition tense as Lewis descibes his oratory role and then breaks into, and out of his diplomatic speech to the Otoe hierarchy. I'm very interested in your ethics Timothy. The symbolism of that vision, the flag and Indian is indeed provactive, beautiful, and mystical, a revolution in spirit, the very meaning of life was blooming for all involved during this epic cultural collision...J.A.B.
Date: 12/14/2015 9:08:00 PM
You do give me a new world Justin, a world with brand new colors, with familiar, priceless feelings. I am full of joy reading this beautiful epic! The exposures to new culture, adventure and new faces is vivid in this account. This is why I read and study your words knowing I'll gain a lot more than just entertainment. Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 12/14/2015 10:18:00 PM
So it was for the Corps of Discovery, their exploration was not for mere entertainment or adventure, they sought a challenge that would define them as men, that would reveal the nature and meaning of humanity Laura. Your soul and mine have much to experience...J.A.B.