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Soul Stance River - 18

12 hours of excruciating labor pangs have Sacagawea breathing
into the face of Death,
as she violently shakes her head back and forth, teeth clenched,
sweat boiling and eyes furious
it seems to me that she is detetmined to attack Death itself,
this cannot go on, she must deliver or die,
my Mother had told me of an ancient remedy, to induce birth,
a potion made of ground rattlesnake tail,
during the voyage I have collected some snake specimens, 
I have what is needed,
we've gotten ahold of her,
after she just hit a chamber maid with a backhand
that put the simple woman into a stupor,
thank the Lord,
shortly after drinking the potion the baby plunged forth
into this world ready for the glory of pain,
he is named Jean Baptise,

Winter is letting go, finally, the ice is letting go,
for five months we have been anchored in a glacier
exercising, studying, repairing, talking, gaurding, sharing women,
negotiating, idling, gambling, learning about the Gods of ancient desires,
the Unknown is calling us from every direction of unexplored creation,
even the stars seem to speak our names when the night is shallow,
it is time to meet our future in the energy of ambition,
Destiny, the storehouse of our exotic and scientific knowledge
is being sent back down river to St. Louis, then to Washington
with a dozen men, this decision will ensure the success of the mission in part
while helping us that go further west to be more efficient, 
the Hidatsas have no experience past the Rocky Mountains
whether it be of land, rivers or Indians
but through the eyes of their traditional raiding and hunting
we know to expect the character of the Missouri to diversify significantly
as it brings us closer to it's sovereign source in the mountains,
we expect to portage briefly,
and we anticipate friendly encounter with the Shoshone Indians
whom are the best horse herders on the continent,
it is likely that we will fail if horses are not obtained,
we will be the first White Men to enter the realm
beyond those primordial peaks
where trespass may lead to disorientation or termination,
the two pirogues and six large canoes that we have hold an arsenal
that can instantly make any owner thereof
the most wealthy and powerful warlord in this part of the world
making us a target for banditry
that would shame the great marauding Goths of Rome
and in defending against such a demise
would put the Corps of Discovery on par
with the Crusader bloodshed of Jeruselum, 
fortunately I have contracted Charbonneau and Sacagawea
to join us in the quest to the west,
she may prove to be worth more than all the lead and powder
this side of the Mississippi, 
I pray Sacagawea be our angel of access,


Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 12/25/2015 11:54:00 PM
Very intense..loving this!!! Sacagawea, the angel of access! Brilliant! Her spirit is impetuously fierce- her vicious labors leave me in awe. The adventure is invigorating.."we will be the first White Men to enter the realm beyond those primordial peaks where trespass may lead to disorientation or termination"I love those lines..Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 12/26/2015 5:56:00 PM
Continued...I also had alot of fun including interesting and relevant bits of World History into this composition which show parallels throughout our human history. Doing so helped me to reveal Meriwether's cultural refinement, along with the fact that many Americans at that time were well read and intelligent...J.A.B.
Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 12/26/2015 5:50:00 PM
Oh yes Laura, this birthing moment fits the drama of unbridled birth indeed, and does definitively demonstrate Sacagawea's warrior princess passion. I hope she likes it :) She's a fighter, a star in the wilderness! The rattlesnake potion is actually apart of the historical records which I just had to incorporate into the work, it reminds of how people used ingenius methods from Nature's bounty to remedy ills, its priceless...J.A.B.