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It is said that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah,
Are famous for their wicked ways.
That sin was so rife among these two,
That Satan, Himself ruled the day.

It's said that these cities were so rotten and vile,
That life there was Hell on Earth,
And if a child was born in either place,
His fate was sealed before birth.

Abuse of all kinds ran rampant there,
And God said,'Their sin is too great.
The stench of their sin has reached Heaven's Gate,
And so they have sealed their fate.'

He sent His angel to visit Lot,
And get him and his family out.
He visited Abram and Sarah Himself,
And told them what He was about.

Abraham begged and pleaded with Him,
Please don't kill the good with the bad.'
And God in His mercy agreed not to do it,
But in the end no good could be had.

Fire and brimstone rained down on them,
And burned all into a white ash.
Where two great cities once had stood,
Was now only salt, sand and ash.

We could learn a great deal from what happened there,
When sin and debauchery held sway.
They didn't believe so they didn't care,
And we're not far behind them today.

In the past the Bible was read in our homes.
We loved God and were proud of it too.
Now even our laws have turned against Him,
It seems Christ is our only taboo.

The cannot believe what they cannot see,
Is what they all say of The Lord.
The people of Sodom said that too,
And they were cut down by His Sword.

If we don't change our ways we'll suffer the same,
For God is no different today.
The party is over and time's running out.
He grows weary of the games people play.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 9/22/2019 8:07:00 AM
Indeed a history lesson well delivered!
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Ball Avatar
Judy Ball
Date: 9/22/2019 10:01:00 AM
Thank you so much Vijay. God Bless, JB
Date: 9/22/2019 12:34:00 AM
We are living in the heresy of modernism. God is dispensable. He is not needed. Yet there are many who believe. They are keeping the world alive. But one day when we least expect it.... Lovely poem and great lesson.
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Ball Avatar
Judy Ball
Date: 9/22/2019 10:00:00 AM
Thank you so much Victor. God Bless, JB
Date: 9/21/2019 8:06:00 PM
so sad the way the world is today...not that long ago my children when to church and weekly bible studies, my friend and i read verses from the bible nightly...the world is so different now...good write! :) hugs
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Ball Avatar
Judy Ball
Date: 9/22/2019 9:58:00 AM
Thank you so much Sandra. No reason why you can't continue reading your Bible. No reason why you can't go to church either. It's just a choice we make. God Bless, JB
Date: 9/21/2019 7:55:00 PM
This is so true. God bless you for writing this and prayers for you and prayers that God will save the unsaved
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Ball Avatar
Judy Ball
Date: 9/22/2019 9:46:00 AM
Thank you so much Regina. Glad you like it. God Bless and thanks so much for your prayers. I need all I can get. JB