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Rufus and Bill

Now the sun and the sand were treacherously hot and not a place for Man or a Beast. As you must be audaciously quick to find a good spot or you will number among the desert's deceased. A pair of young Vultures named Rufus and Bill had found shade beneath the land's only tree. And from there they could watch from high on a hill for their next meal they hoped soon to see. Now Rufus was smarter than most other birds while Bill was as dumb as a post. Where Rufus could express with all sorts of words, poor Bill was hard pressed to deal with toast. The Vultures had met on a clear sunny day after Bill thought a car was a fine morning snack. Rufus helped him recover and asked him to stay to become his friend and prevent further attacks. Bill had gone and done the stupidest thing a Vulture can do when trying to unwind. He had fallen from the only tree and broken his wing when the Macarena had entered his mind. They sat on the ground with Bill unable to fly where he brooded in an anguish of sadness and fear. Which drove Rufus to claim, 'You're such a miserable guy, we should do something to soften your tears.' 'Let's go for a walk which should improve how you feel with a little exercise to stretch out your feet. And we might get extremely lucky to find our next meal from a creature we should happen to meet.' Now the weather had turned cool with a smattering of rain when the came upon a very large nest. Which contained such a thing they could hardly explain and to its purpose could hardly express. The thing was not even square nor not even round but a shape that seemed oddly obtuse. And since they were there by the nest with no one around they were intrigued to ponder its use. Rufus as usual wished to show he was smart and proudly told Bill in a boast. 'I think I have known right from the start, It's a place to store what you value the most.' 'I'm not so sure,' said Bill who was not surprisingly swift, 'Because I once knew a Lady with such a nest in the ground. And when she presented her boyfriend with just such a gift he quickly packed his bags and never was found.' 'That doesn't make sense,' said Rufus with quiet distain. 'It's probably just a package of much needed tech. And when the owner returns they will find it likely contains something delivered by truck from Fed Ex.' They continued their walk and traveled a span to a point in a westerly direction. Where they happened upon a very unlucky young Man who was clearly befuddled... by his lack of cellphone reception. Without the help from his phone the Man was traveling blind unsure of what he should do. He pleaded with the Vultures as he was going out of his mind and as to where he was standing... he hadn't a clue. Rufus took the Man's phone and flew all around in the hope upon reaching the stars. The phone would gain power but nothing was found as it continued not to display any bars. 'We know of your strife but be of good cheer,' said Rufus to soften the blow. 'We know of a town and will guide till you're clear and put an end to your misery and woe.' The Man was a bit skeptical and in a world of waste with no help or use from his phone. 'I know about Vultures and you will desire a taste when you feast and pick at my bones.' Rufus was taken a back, 'You are sadly informed for it is known we Vultures are remarkably kind. And we go to great lengths and always attempt to perform when a creature's misfortune and life should unwind.' 'I think it best to travel in a southerly direction to find a town to best serve your needs. Where you can obtain water and a Doctor's attention and your well-being will be our daily good deed.' The Vultures marched merrily along and were interested to find that the Man's stamina was not very good. And with the heat of the day he was falling slowly behind so they waited as any good Samaritan should. The Man drudged along and was feeling exceedingly weak and was getting worse with each passing hour. While the sands and the hills were menacingly bleak, he was quickly coming to the end of his power. The Man fell to his knees and told Rufus and Bill, 'I am done and will die on this spot. I cannot go on as I've taken my fill with the sun and the sand so astonishingly hot.' Rufus replied, 'You must go on and continue the fight as the town lies just over the hill. So all that is needed to lesson your plight is a smidgen of endurance and will.' The Man grudgingly knew that Rufus was right so rose up and staggered to the dune's mighty peak. And looked on in wonder at a beautiful sight which was a town that lay at his feet. The Man thanked the two Vultures and bade them goodbye as he was thirsty so his pace had to quicken. But they still had his phone and with Bill unable to fly Rufus was ordering some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now if you're confused in the desert and all hope is lost and you stumble on a Vulture or two. Take from this story and consider the cost because nothing I've said will come true. The End *For those who might be interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.

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Date: 6/16/2019 10:06:00 AM
What an imagination you have, my friend. I enjoy these tales so, bracing myself (of course) for the twist that I know is coming in the end. Bravo! :) gw
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Date: 6/16/2019 10:05:00 AM
Wow - vultures kind and offering to help - extraordinary but so well penned - the only ones we see when we go the Kruger National park flock in a tree, waiting for an animal to die. Hurray for Rufus and Bill, they had inside them a deal of goodwill! Hugs, Jennifer.
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Date: 6/7/2019 6:29:00 PM
Wonderful David. Always a great read. A moral with a twist brilliantly written. Thanks so much
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