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Would you do something if you knew it hurts another?,
and try to keep this thing under cover.
 Why would someone not have little consideration?,
let's think about this and look for an explaination.
 Does it matter if I make a person upset?,
why don't we all show people some respect?
 If I step on your toes, what should I say?,
"hello, good morning, or have a nice day".
 Should we as people do things and not really care?,
have we become a society that isolates feelings never
to share, or cover up all feelings and bury them somewhere?
 Never having fun, loving, or trying to communicate,
I ask you, "is it too late"?
 Or is it because I'm straight?,
maybe it's because we've been taught to hate.
 There's no love that comes from within,
we've come to love only our kin.
 We are always looking for another person's fault,
then we justify when we get caught.
 We spend so much time focusing on others wrong,
and we never take time to focus on our own.
 I'll be the first one to admit,
when things don't go our way we have a fit.
 All we do is just speak our mind,
never trying to be a little more kind.
 If we could figure out our fellow man,
there would be no problem to understand.
 Everyone has different thoughts, feelings, and emotions,
no one knows anothers will, needs, or devotions.
 We can only ask how they feel,
and try not to bruise their heel.
 Some have very low self-esteems,
and are hurt by certain things.
these are hard facts no what it seems.
 So in closing my sisters and brothers,
show and have some respect & consideration
for the space of others.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 7/5/2009 8:56:00 AM
a powerful poem, it is true some lash out before thinking what they say, and some of us are sentimental, some are emotional, loving, some have ben taught to be hard and show no emotion we should try to consider every ones opinions and feelings, all are special, a great message you send my friend God bless you from diane
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