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read this if you care about the world

Read this if you care about the world ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Imprisonment is meant for the sadistic, inhumane acts of evil and destruction of man kind in itself. To be locked away with nothing but your thoughts your wonder and the ever lasting of coming to know whatever sick and twisted individual you maybe rapist murderer,and so on. For punishment it self is some what of different views from the old courthouse hangings in many western films,to the views of inhumanity in it self of human kind for the will of a more white soul to the actions bestowed in the acts of judgment from the electric chair to the lethal injections of today's world. Today's world is kinda a touchy subject in the eyes of many the many who suffer day to to day in the downward spiral of the american dream we all heard of as children for the idea of a society built from generation to generation . To the rapacious business men of high society living a life of luxury on the flying carpet of inflation rate and the backs of the survival of the common man. For the common is man is the true prisoner for with some complex thinking for the act of thinking is a disappearing art,sad indeed the author speaks these words but in true the common man is imprisoned to the fact of what is he going to do to live? Where is next meal coming from? How will he provide for his family? For in today's world your rich or your poor. For the middle class is extinction all in it self. For does any one ask where does the money go? For our society among est it self is build on generations of generations of paying in and paying in. Yet we our the most broke now then we have ever been a phenom in it self correct? Hmm in my views of personal matters a country who imports then it exports will never make a dollar simple as supply and demand we have no supply so we have no demand. Still our system is build on thousands trying to pull the wool over eyes of thousands over and over again. The same dollars taxed many many times over for just to print money with no value behind it is just bad business with it self. For our for fathers believed in the all mighty act of trade and barter shocking right? Makes you ask why we abandon the ways of the past? For to advance in a forward direction in the grand sceem of things is a great and wonderful thing but to fix something that is not broken and to stray away from the guidelines set by the founders of the nation is another, in a sense go slap your grandma is the mouth and now think about America. For i am not writing with the answer to these troubles for i am sure we all have our own solutions for i am writing in a sense to awaken. For america is the land of free right?, still we move closer to communism every day. Every day more and more decisions are made for the future of you me and future generations still we the people are never informed for you vote is nothing in a dirty system money is the vote for love makes the world go around but money greases the wheels. For we are country who will log on to Facebook to see what were going to be concern today anything from drug testing for welfare to the rebel flag to gay marriage. Education is a powerful tool thinking is powerful tool minumplation is the most powerful tool for many brains are zombie each day still all i ask is you to think and think for the next voice you encourage could be the one we need to put common sense back in the world and make a country for the people by the people like it was intended to be for i did not touch on all the matters and one would spend a life time writing but something must give in the world we face the world we live and the world we all once knew in generations past as a land of jobs and chances at a living and not being held town by people who dont want you to advance your education

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Date: 6/2/2016 1:08:00 AM
Joseph, well penned. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and words today. *SKAT
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