Opaque moon our beacon in the night's darkness
In the museum of time the nocturnal hours
 are the most annoying. 
We creep in the monolith shadows 
hiding from the vicious and vindictive.
Frightened by the grim and gruesome
blown out of proportion by fear
and everything that's awful.

We look to the oval moon as a prelude
for delightful daylight.
We take pride and feel fortunate in finding 
the dawn, blushing bright, victorious.
We patronize the amazing opening of day, 
drawn to her light. 

For Shadow's 
Make a Poem *2
Darkness versus Light is the theme
Use all the words listed below
*Awful, *amazing, *annoying.
*grim, *gruesome, *delightful.
*frightened, *fortunate, *finding.
*monolith, *moon, *museum.
*oval, *opaque, *opening.
*patronise, *pride, *prelude.
*vicious, * vindictive, *victorious. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 9/14/2016 9:31:00 PM
These words are alive and you Suzanne have brought them to life with your poem and now they will live forever.More light;Thalia
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Date: 9/13/2016 3:26:00 PM
I see no congrats at this one, so I'm sorry if it did not get a win, Suzanne . It happens a lot here. good ones just not winning. It was nice to get your comment today. I can't seem to find a poem of yours I have not yet read already!!
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Date: 9/10/2016 10:02:00 AM
Excellent! –-))
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Date: 8/31/2016 4:45:00 PM
This looks like an exceptionally difficult challenge to write a poem with all those words, while still keeping it relatively short. It came out pretty natural though ... and I was drawn to the last four lines the most.
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Date: 8/1/2016 2:08:00 AM
You did exceptionally well with this contest. Not easy I know from experience and you wrote it in such a short verse. GL with the contest.
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Date: 7/31/2016 4:31:00 PM
A fine job indeed. This line is particularly magical "We creep in the monolith shadows hiding from the vicious and vindictive."
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Date: 7/28/2016 8:41:00 PM
You did a very fine job with those words. It was an extremely difficult challenge!! well done.
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Date: 7/28/2016 12:10:00 PM
This is truly beautiful, Suzanne! I love your prelude to a new day, written in delightful poetical language. It's amazing how effortlessly you inserted all those given words! I would like to see this entry high on the winners' list. Regards // paul
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Date: 7/27/2016 12:30:00 AM
Very well written, Suzanne, using the 21 words brilliantly. Best wishes for the contest. T.J
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 7/27/2016 5:34:00 PM
Great to see you, Teppo: I really enjoy word challenges. The words always bring about a poem you might not come up with otherwise. Best, SuZ
Date: 7/26/2016 11:41:00 AM
tightly knit with substance and great flow, suz!.. you delight!..huggs
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 7/27/2016 5:41:00 PM
Always brilliant to see you, Nette: I will visit soon. I have had a hectic few months re- locating. Still busy un-packing in the midst of renovating at the same time. Always have a broom in my hands it, Suz
Date: 7/25/2016 5:45:00 PM
Brilliantly crafted, Suzy, a real topster for the contest if ever I saw one. Viv x
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Date: 7/25/2016 10:57:00 AM
Suzanne, this is so great for the contest! as Jan said below the flow was so well executed and well written lady! good luck in the contest it will place well :)-luloo
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Date: 7/25/2016 8:30:00 AM
WOW Suzanne I would never have guessed this was for the contest - the words flow so beautifully its not forced at all - good luck in the contest I hope this sails to the top for you:-) hugs jan xx
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Date: 7/25/2016 8:05:00 AM
I enjoyed the read, well done.
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Date: 7/25/2016 7:32:00 AM
You have written a delightful poem of hope, SuZ, and what is really amazing, is that one does not notice the restrictiveness of the required words. Best of luck in the contest! Cheers, David
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