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Prince Kindhearted asked his father the King of Poland, that he would like to see the world.
Sadden, for he was his only child, he did let him go with his most trusted servant.
Not faraway from the kingdom, the young prince came upon a peaceful swan, but he saw high in the sky, an eagle was flying downwards to attack the swan.
He got his bow and arrow, aimed and shot the eagle dead, so the swan witnessed the good deed and swam to the prince and said, "I am not truly a swan but the enchanted daughter of Knight the Invisible, and that eagle was the evil magician King Koshinsky."
The swan went on, "For your kind deed, you need but to call out my father's name three times that you need help, and he will surely appear", and with that, the swan flew away.
They continued on and came upon a great desert, but seeing that he wanted to see the world, he proceeded into the vast nothingness of great heat.
They travelled a great distance and there was no water to be had, until they came upon a well, and seeing his servant was much to large to climb down the deep well to draw out water, he tied the rope and climbed down and when the water bags were full, he called to the servant, "Pull me up!" 
But he had a change in heart and had the prince write a note saying that the bearer of this note is Prince Kindhearted of Poland traveling with his manservant, whereto, he agrees as paper and pen went down and the manservant pulled the prince up, he quickly grabbed the note and gave it a quick glance, exchanged clothes, and went on their way.
Coming upon a castle, the false prince went to the royal chamber, whilst the true prince rested in the stables.
The false prince told the King the he would marry his daughter or there will be war.
The King said, "That is not princely thing to say, but to this I say that our kingdom has been seized by our great enemy, and all you need to do is get rid of them and my daughter is yours."
The false prince told the true prince if he does this good deed, then he will discard the note.
The prince got on his trusted steed dressed in his armor whilst the false prince hid in the stables.
The young prince called upon the Invisible Knight three times, and he did appear on a great horse with a golden mane with fire breathing out of his nostrils.
The young princess watched all that has happened since the false prince left the royal chambers and saw him with the true prince by the stables and had him do the good deed and save her kingdom.
The young prince told the knight that he'll attack the enemies from the left side whilst the knight attack from the right side and by dawn the large enemy army laid dead.
All was witnessed by the young princess all the while.
The young prince thanked the knight who left in a bright red light, and the prince returned to the false prince in the stables, who then dressed finely and went to the royal chambers and the King gladly gave his daughter's hand, but she withdrew her hands and went before the true knight who was serving guests of the royal chambers, and turned to her father and said, "This is the real Prince Kindhearted of Poland."
The false prince quickly produced the note which the King read, whereto, he called out his guards and told them to arrest the false prince, who then pleaded why, whereto, the King said, "On this note it says that the bearer is a false prince and that his manservant is truly the son of the King of Poland, Prince Kindhearted."
The false prince cried out, "I am a poor servant who knows not how to read."
He spent the rest of his days imprisoned.
The Kingdom's princess was glad to marry Prince Kindhearted, with his father, the invited King of Poland in attendance, and who was filled with great happiness.

Date: 06/11/2019

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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