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Peanut Oil

I went to bed late this morning with a sweet tender feeling
My head resting in your bosom listening to the soul of the  mighty woman
My mind traveled the entire universe observing everything that is diverse
Penetrating the star filled sky and communicating with the angels on high
The morning is bold and it will never grow old
Daybreak without a fear spilling warm sun through my window pane
It’s the first time I have seen the sun so brazen it must have come directly from heaven
It scatters warmth up my spine touching some that is holy and divine
I drifted off in a fiery doze with my eyes half close and the morning banging profusely on my door
Was it a dream or was it real? I thought I heard a knocking and loud chatter outside my window someone must have been knocking at my door
But the long overdue sleep kept me bound under the covers 
It pulled me from side to side until it was time to preside
I held my breath and count to three and jump up on my feet and whisper a silent prayer to thee
I pulled the drapes aside and found people peeping through my window from the other side
They still will not leave me alone even though I am in dragon’s town
It’s the same devil everywhere but my mind and spirit is already prepared.
I got dressed and walked through the door looking for something more
There is always a story to tell and it is deeper than the woman at the well
There is always a story to tell when you get out of your arrogant shell 
It has been raining for two days washing the dust and grime away
But the rain washed the mud in the road pointing me to a specific code
My sprit awoke suddenly and I  stretched my mind gingerly 
Then switched to a story that made me feel happy
Elisha went on a specific mission to execute the job for the holy one
He showed up at the widow’s house who was subjected to many woes
He had nothing in his hand but the anointing of the holy one
He asked what he could do for her dreams to come through
He listened carefully to her story and demonstrated God's glory
I continued walking and sight a peanut oil shop across the road
I have passed this place several times, but I couldn’t figure out what was going inside
I stepped inside  the shop and everyone greeted me with a big curious smile
My eyes circled around quickly and snapped the snapped the contents intelligently
Bags of peanuts leaned up on the side and big pots bubbling inside
And the grinding machine run fiercely from the other side
Eight big baskets of boiled peanuts laid out on the floor waiting to be cooled
I wanted to see how peanut oil was made but the workers were more interested in me so they gather around and started to interrogate me
They asked embarrassing questions that was normal in their culture
The little peanut oil factory suddenly came to life
We began to take photo in seconds, chatting and laughing together as if we have know each other
They even gave me sugar cane and wished me luck in Jesus name
I just cannot understand this at all my body is on call 
And the taste of peanut makes me feel tall
Peanuts arose my passion and stir up my innate emotion
And so Elisha filled up all the vessels until oil start flowing over
Eight baskets of peanuts on the ground spread the blessing all around
The jars could not contain them and the baskets could not hold them
I watched the peasant  eyes glowing with  smiles
as they pressed peanuts to make oil.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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