Papa Pepper

!Papa Pepper!
one day a farmer woke
planted peppers in the ground
peppers that the throat could choke
hotter ones could not be found
every day the farmer weeded,
waited wisely, watched, and watered
there was nothing that they needed
every tongue was by them slaughtered
every day they grew and grew
and got so healthy and so big
that the farmer simply knew
they’d be enough to kill a pig
then one day the farmer eyed them
said, ”they’re ripe enough to pick”
but of course he hadn’t tried them
for they’d surely make him sick
so he picked ‘em off the plant
and dumped ‘em in his wagon back
and he said, “I surely can’t
come home until I’ve sold the snack”
so he set off on the trail
with his peppers that were hot
and he planned to make a sale
get some moola on the spot
when he finally reached the town though
it was dark and all was still
so he slumbered by a willow
at the tip-top of a hill
when he woke up in the morning
he saw far-away a man
so he got up quickly walking
with his evil selling plan
the farmer met him saying,”Hey
ya wanna buy some peppers now?”
answered he, “woohoo oh yay,
I’ll surely buy if you’ll allow”
so he sold him three big peppers
hot enough to burn a cow
and said, “good luck with your peppers
hot enough to learn a sow”
then the fool ate all three peppers
there was no river nearby
loudly he cried, “PAPA PEPPER!
save me quick before I die!”
though he lived to tell the tale
he had learned his lesson well
never again would he fail
to avoid the spicy spell 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 7/5/2017 3:14:00 AM
This is a great poem, and it is fun. You could say this is a narrative in Quatrain form. If I am allowed one suggestion? Do not use the papa pepper line between every stanza. If you leave it out, and instead use a white line, I think the poem would be even better :) Welcome to PoetrySoup.
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