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Out for a Spin

I take a four-fold spin through Bill Plotkin's wheel of bilateral identities, iconic developmental faces, ironic personalities. FIRST comes Eastern-born dawn of human infancy, Innocent Sage infants so WiseElder in our LeftBrain emergent wrinkling unfolding sacred RightBrain ways. Searching for care giving eyes to be sure we do and do not know what we are nutritionally together, sometimes toxically apart, too impatiently, loudly exclaiming. SECOND Innocent of Language children grow toward the far side of pubescence, when cooperative extroverted curiosity turns to more competitive introverted hope for loss of virginal alone identity innocence. We turn post-pubescent adolescent South for our Wild, but too quickly over-domesticated, Indigenous Immigrants toward adulthood, into Earth's sacred-secular stewardship of healthy neighborhoods. High hormonal adolescence flows full sensory-bonding through rivers of kinship with other polyculturing cooperative young adult species, habitats, gestalts, hang outs, mash ups, meet ups, seemingly endless but hopefully PositivEnergy dialogue among optimistic hopers, not nihilistic deniers, not supremely self-satisfied fascists, totalitarian bullies monoculturing bigots and haters of natures other than their own. Although these are the end times for Earth's Wild Indigenous Anthropocene, great and small nature-spirit TippingPoints toward West YangLeftBrain-- RightBrain ElderYin Eastern NonDual CoOperativity. THIRD SunGod sets now too quickly for our continued Western patriarchal dominance to co-arise Muse-Beloved Parents and Communities, mature bilateral spirit-minds with nature-bodied adults, wording our wending Blue-Green Way toward turquoise-ultraviolet WiseElders, another Spiral Dynamic stepping change from Halocenes of RNA Red memory into AnthroBilateral sensory scenes of Green DNA healthy-wealthy futures. Muse-Beloved Western sky worshipers fearing red skies at shipping out night may be sailor's delight but it was not our graced intent to swim or merely float through nightmare floods brought to us by Gaia's Wild Indigenous Rage at inhumane monoculturing stupidity. PositivEnergy Western Democracies grow mature imaginative PositivEnergy networking parents, adult idealistic, often appropriately romantic, co-operative mentors for strongly Wild Indigenous SunPatriot-EarthMatriot MultiCulturing Immigrants toward our mature bicameral EcoMindfulness. Muse-Beloved teachers grow out through bilaterally self-reflective adolescent roots, still reveling through nightmares and daydreams of humane-growing destiny, death and dying to YangEgo supremacy, patient with yin-mystery ambiguity paradox oxymorons of good/bad humor Anti-ecological evangelicalism blind to its own LoseLose strategic fascism of intellectual property as sole divine monocultural ownership of love as grace our secular-sacred Muse-Beloved Human Polyculturing Egos and Sacred EcoCommunities made of EgoEco ReStoring Healthy MultiCultural Families. Parents as Beloved Muses move back toward Northern WiseElder memories, and memes and enthymemes, shared in childhood nurturing CreationStories of DivaSpiraling AniMommy Mundi, Hawks and Doves speaking Wizard PolyPathic Magic, Prophets of Climatic Doom but also PositivEnergy internal polyphonic deep listening learners loving home-rooted family hermitage life And more ActiveHope Work That Reconnects EgoEco Psychopomp CoOperative Incubators PositivEnergy Restorative Therapy for Holonic WiseElder NatureSpirits from ZeroZen North EarthSouls. FOURTH SpaceTime Alpha and Omega TippingPoints of sacredRight 4D RealTime, also Left EgoEco polynomial bilateral. Nurturing WiseElders, ReGenerative often wrinkled from not enough innocence of age and too much lack of innocents age, but sometimes post-millennially precocious NaturalLeft co-arising SpiritualRight Leaders, benevolently nonviolent mentors of cooperative ownership and co-investment in restoring health as justice, egoLeft with ecoRight Bodhisattva PeaceWarriors, Instigators, Designers, Planters and Harvesters, CoMessianic EarthLove Matriots GodFather Tree Huggers and PositivEnergy Democratic CoInvestors in Earth's GREEN Health-Wealth Resilience-Resonance Reports. WiseElders of all transmillennial ages look for Ego sustainability through resilient/resonant EarthHealth Results. Resilience scales to measure resonant health as sufficient wealth capacity to re-acclimate balancing nutritional disturbances yet remaining cooperatively committed to PositivEnergy CoDemocracy co-mentoring functions and Restoring Therapeutic GoldenRule EcoSchool Systems, WinWin ecopolitical YangWest-YinEast WuWei structures. Resilient WiseElders self with other organize promising entertaining cooperative diverse reuse features of deep learning healthy growing co-invested systems. WiseElders resonate ZeroZen notnot polypathic-polyphonic spiraling internal-external revolutions of ActiveHope for redundant replete GoodNews PositivEnergy polyculturally inter-cooperative communities, WiseElder extending families regenerating connectivity to bipolar therapeutic repurposing for work becoming dipolar systemic WinWin strategic game play, ego-ecologically linked bio-geo systems of DNA studying RNA photogenic WiseElders slow-growing resiliently healthy Wise and Wicked nature-spirit babies Wild FirstTribal PostMillennial Adolescents, with Beloved Muse Singing-Dancing Parents remembering ancient permacultural WiseElder Health-Wealth Stories restorying peaceful justice inside as out, breathing healthy WinWin in predicting soon breathing eco-therapeutically out both more Left resiliently and Right resonant enrichment.

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