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Once More, With Feeling

Stand to the side
Opening the lens wider
Adjusting focus
Showtime, my dear

It's a drier world since the rain stopped falling
But man oh man, it's great to walk again
I've been treading water for so very long
And lord, it's great to not need to swim

It's a quieter world now that your voice is gone
And I'm loving the ambient sound that I've missed
I can hear the world singing and hear the wind blowing
I can listen all day without you getting pissed

And everything's looking so wonderful
Now that you have gone away
And the sun hasn't stopped shining
Since our love faded to gray

It was a cold world then
And it's a cold world now
But I'm singing in shorts
And my audience is reeling

God yes, once more, with feeling!

But it's not to say that it's all been perfect
Anxiety is still a major *****
And walking around all of our old haunts
Is still a muddy game that makes my heart twitch

And an empty bed is still something
That reminds me of the times we'd sweat
But I'd rather take a bullet before
I take another hit of you like a cigarette

I'm a lonely man
But hey, that's okay!
I'd rather be alone
Than live another day

With someone like you
Content to bring me down
And make me think
That there will be no healing

Aha, once more, with feeling!

You've dealt a savage blow
And I don't really know
If I'll ever give
Love another go

So until I learn
I'll be content to live
With my one final year
Here on campus, I'm no longer kneeling

So let's go, once more, with feeling!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 11/28/2016 4:04:00 AM
Life moves on doesn't it and you are better off without her. Good one Derek.
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