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On board life's ship

Living is like embarking on a ship
A ship having no specific destination
A ship with no captain
No sailors
No handymen
A ship which simply has to keep sailing
Amidst the rough waters of Earth's seas!

Prone to be easily sunk
It imbibes,
In its passengers,
The feeling of uncertainty
Allowing them, though
To relax
And to hope
A little
By providing them spiritual pathways
To try to save their consciousness
After they shall shed off their bodies!

The pathways are played to the passengers
As the ship determinedly goes on its way
The pathways are played,
All the time, continuously,
Even if some prefer to listen to life's songs rather!

Life, so like a maniac,
Reaches out to the ship and pushes itself in
Baffling the passengers with its many tricks and illusions
So that they do believe in it and forget
Should they try to step out of the ship,
They would fall in the waters
Each passenger is meant to reach a specific harbour!

As they fall, blindly and ignorantly in the raging waters,
Life roars with laughter
Feeling so mighty
As it knows
That those who fall into its trap
Will have to start its game all over again!

I, for one, remain rooted on the deck of the ship
I have seen through life's games
And I fall not for them
Yet, it happens that I long to allow myself
To fall in those rough waters
As doubt and distrust fill my whole essence up
And I simply wonder
About the meaning and the purpose of it all!

However, each time,
The power of faith rings its bell loud in my heart
Pushing me away from the ship's edges
Why, if life does be with its ship and with its rough waters
Pray, it must surely have its own purpose
Doubt does show itself up in my soul
But then,
Is it not said that
Faith gets strengthened through doubt! 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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