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On a cold, cold winter night

Once upon a time 
on a cold, cold winter night 
there was a cat 
all black with some white 
his master was a little old lady 
after her sweet cat took a pee on 
the floor 
the little old lady said 
I will have this no more, 

so she toss the cat out in the cold 
the old lady said you have already 
been told 
now the cat thought what am I to do 
if only I had a hat 
to keep my ears warm 
but what about my tail 
it will surly freeze as well, 

So the cat tip toed around the ground 
as the cold winds was blowing him 
all around 
the cat thought now where 
could I Go to keep warm 
I got to get back inside and 
away from this bad snow storm, 

if only I could get back into the house 
maybe if I Bring the old lady 
a mouse 
but as he started to move his 
butt was stuck to the ground 
Oh God he thought just 
help me get my frozen legs to go 
there must be away in this deep snow, 

But to his surprise 
the cat looked out of the 
corner of his eyes 
and he heard the old lady cry out 
oh kitty come on back in the house 
it much to cold for you to be 
out and running all about, 

the cat thought wow God your great 
if I would of been out here 
much longer 
with your help I feel a little stronger 
the cat ran ever so fast to the door 
and the old lady had a nice 
big bowl of milk just for him 
sitting on the floor, 

the old lady reach down to 
give her cat a pat on top of 
his head 
the cat was so happy 
as he walked all around her legs 
so she gave her cat a treat 
and said oh you old cat you really are so sweet 
then old lady said 
it off to bed, 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 1/5/2015 1:09:00 PM
As always, Sharlotte, full of your "old world charm"...quite lovely! :) john.
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NEWAN Avatar
Date: 1/5/2015 10:56:00 PM
Thank you