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Ode To The Introvert

Sometimes folks will go and pity us,
“Come out of your shell!”they always cry,
forgetting that it you do that to a turtle
the poor beast is going to die.
But still some folks insist they try.
Introversion, they never truly understand,
better to sleep on nails then have a hundred friends!

But they never realize they need us,
that we see what slips their view.
Hell, if anything, we see too much,
it’s why we need time away from you!
To sort out perception into truth.
A loner’s mind finds this no travail,
as they always say: God is in the details.

You read, and enjoy the movie screens,
they bring escape from weary days,
but to create all that you need someone
not afraid to sit with just their brain,
and daydream the hours away.
When they strike upon an amazing thing,
it fascinates the millions, makes the heart sing.

You like your phones and gadgets,
they’re a centerpiece of your life,
but what went into making them work
were the inwardly-focused running rife,
given the space to push and strive.
Using the kind of math most never learn,
they connected billions, for better or worse.

The music that inspires millions
came from Beethoven’s maddened mind.
But in person he was a sonuvabitch,
not the type who’d show you a good time,
downright unpleasant, most would find.
But I think many more would be annoyed
to live a life without the Ode to Joy.

Some others would not understand
that the science we take for fact
came mostly from a half-mad loner,
utterly bereft of taste or tact.
All These things Isaac Newton lacked.
Yet when that crazy bastard focused within
the age of modern science did truly begin.

In some ways it makes no sense,
to try and explain the way we are.
The outgoing cannot understand it,
to them it’s a step too far
to slink away when you could be a star.
Just keep in mind the next time you mock,
without us you’d all still be banging rocks.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 7/5/2018 11:30:00 AM
Great poem about an introverted, "we see what slips their views." , Regards Mpho Kgaswane.
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Welch Avatar
David Welch
Date: 7/5/2018 5:03:00 PM