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Nothing to Gain

Gotta go down to the plantation today,
punch the clock and start the cubicle time labor
Work on whatever the boss say,
papers piling up from yesterday
Contact new clients to see what is their
desired target demographic pitch
Management meeting went off without a hitch,
though the other boss says he don’t like
how I’m not being efficiently used
Seems like my lady boss is starting to 
fill his corporate shoes
But that’s just the plantation going-ons
of a normal slave day
My boss can be really nice and laid back,
if you don’t cause her to get snippy return calls
from the upper levels halls
Hitting the half-time break with a massive headache
from the monitor screen LED screaming at me
A computer blip of anarchy ... 
just another underground rebel like me
Everything wanna be free,
but my lot, right now, is to be chained 
to a worn swivel seat
Gotta push thru it though,
boss ain’t gonna like no pushing the papers slow,
or no letting the phone ring too long 
without answering 
with the usual company spiel drone
What’s the profit in it all for me,
seeing I got no stake in the company
Nothing to gain ... prospects for the future
looks like more of the same
Only have the watered down paycheck,
which lasts just long enough to calm the creditors this week
Forcing me to come back for another day grind
with dreams of freedom wasting away in my mind
Guess I’m too lazy to change my situation,
so some would say, I’m really just fine 
with being a company slave
It sure seems that way

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 1/5/2018 9:11:00 PM
Freddie I like how you compared the daily grind is like a form of slavery! Can't live with or without! Yearn for better but feel like you can't do a thing about it! Making money for someone else while you get nothing! But a need to come back another week to try to just get by on! Great write Freddie!
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Date: 1/5/2018 3:21:00 PM
I think I can relate to this. Awesome write dear Freddie! Hugs and smiles and love always :)
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