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Notes from a Unitarian Child

Once upon a time,
an eight year old
Black and Green and Brown and Red and Blue Lives Matter
ultra-nonviolent kid
wrote an ultra-violet note to him/herself
about stuff s/he needed to full-rainbow recall
if and when s/he ever became
a worn out
stressed out
self-defeated parent
and/or teacher:

I wish my dad
and my mom,
like MotherEarth
and GrandMother Moon,
had spent more story time
talking about gravity
and enlightenment tales
and depression fables
and repression epics
and suppression mysteries
of basic fairy flying,
like what goes fluttering up
must come mortally down
what goes forward in time
must have come from backward in spiritual mists
of natural imagination.

I wish my spiritual mom and natural dad
had thought out loud 
more about pictures reducing four-directional wilderness imaginations
as epic dyspeptic patriarchal reverse
of time-organic matriarchal memories
to deduce and reduce secular original intent
to seduce and secure
induce and procure sacred meaning
through sacraments of climate acclimation
transubstantiating divine proclamations.

I hope my future teacher vocation
invests more class time
explaining LeftBrain's obsession
with starting at the elite top of any logic tree,
then going down the systemic stem and opening/closing branches
to define and redefine Top's administrative purposes
and subTop uber-branches
over their essentially cooperative,
more than competing, parts,
and resiliently reiterative parts parts,

While spending more future outdoor class time
exercising intuitions emerging reverse-time images with organic feelings
starting in ancient WiseElder DNA democratic universal molecular memory
to travel back up a reverse historical health/wealth hierarchy
into this ego-embodied integrity day

Kids like unitarian green me
belong in more outside classrooms 
for nurturing cooperatively-held co-relationships
to be sure all our interdependent parts and climate feelings
throughout our neural network biosystems
are regeneratively communicating
more then degenerating pathological disassociated dissonance,
and unconscious disenchantment with competing ego-healers,
and depressed climates,
and repressed energy,
and suppressed RightBrain ecological/theological prime relational,
natural/spiritual light,
patriarchal/matriarchal double-binding co-intelligence.

I hope my fellow story-tellers
will remember to talk and listen to kids,
to sing and dance as kids,
to design and develop with hurt kids,
to lead and follow as suffering at-risk kids
willing to teach and study
breathing in Yang's patriarchal deductions
to breathe out Yin's uniting intuitive primal inductions
between what LeftBrain sees too often
as Either/Or oppositional Truths
as RightBrain feels not enough Both/And appositional Trust
that dawn will continue to follow spectral dusk
has followed dusty dawn of sacred ZeroZone enlightenment

As light follows darkness within misty egos
and darkness without ecological experiences 
theologically GoldenRule conscious
of uniting love phenomena
as grace re-experiencing
healthy resounding karma

As uracil's wisdom loyally follows cytosine's flow
co-arises Yang's universal monotheistic RightWing patriarchy 
has forgotten LeftWing matriarchal prehistory
of unitarian cooperative uracil/cytosine evolutions,
birthing appositional twins
Adenine and Guanine,
Zeus and Diana,
Yang and Yin,
outside and in
testosterone and estrogen...

I long to remember
co-arising polypathic opportunities
for green peace
restoring Yang/Yin egocenters
rebuilding and feeding and watering
matriarchal ecopolitical justice
growing Earth's healthiest wealth of DNA
sacred story-shaping ecology strings 
of co-regenerate Tao spaciating time

As a WiseElder,
the formerly eight year old Unitarian added,
at long last,

I hope I can retain hope for everyone,
for all future generations,
all species of loving life,
all incorporated constitutions of and for democratic happiness and welfare,
all healthy love-systemic ecopolitical climates 
and theological grace networks 
voicing ecological karma stories
for cooperatively owning extended family international integrity
within every polynomial x/y-squared egosystem,
every EarthTribe u/c-squared epic string of co-regenerating Time,
every HereNow Yang/Yin-squared polypathic moment 
ever after 

ZeroZone Universal ReGenesis
begat an eight year old unitarian child
Black and Brown and Green and Red and Blue
polypathic multiculturing lives of meaningful matters,
issues and re-issues
for healthier hoping ultra-nonviolent futures.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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