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Mystical Song of Trees

PRELUDE. When the sky and world are dark no sounds are heard in the woods. Perhaps the scrabbling of night creatures on the hunt fo food. But no sound of woodpeckers ra ta tatting, bird song is diminished owls glide in silent flight. Moonlight , dappled on forest floor illuminating fungi and watery pools. Silence feels solid as if any sound would break and shatter it all. DAWN, King sun awakes and casts his light , brother moon slips away silently behind mountains tall waiting till Sun has had his fill. Arms and fingers of light warm the world shining on leaf of tree and blade of grass not forgetting fungi in their damp corners dwell. All awakens at the Sun kings call. Plants stretch their fragile arms in silent adulation as they reach high, Smiling flower faces yawn and look around listening for that magic sound. Trees groan from nights sleep ,creaking wood as they wake and rattle leaves in an exulting song. Glad again to see the King in all his finery in an azure sky. Then again trees have wisdom beyond compare knowing as they do that the King would arise again. Oldest of the old are trees and shrubs from times beginning knowing all as they grew stately and tall. First men they knew and the first that were hated as men cut down forests where once they covered the world. But trees survived and flourished even as stumps new life doth spring. Roots spread down into Gaia,s embrace where no one can cut them where they expand sending new life up from below the land to slowly grow and out live man. A new day begins with silent mein ,no sound beats out in mystic rhythm to grow the soul. Rabbits twitchy nose appears sniffing fresh air in search of sweet grass, from musty dusty runs they come with soft fur and bobbing tail. Birds take wing and clear their throat to sing a welcome song for the new day and king Sun. Air is filled with harmonious tune as they fly in flocks from tree to tree singing to them ancient ones , as they go. No work for feathered friends as all is provided for their delight bright feathers on some ,even the dullest shine in the glow of the morning Sun. the Chorus of dawn gathers pace until the forests are filled , with happy refrain and yet ..still no beat of shaman sound . When will it be heard they ask with eagerness to hear the beat through the forest vibrate. Onwards races the golden chariot through the clear azure sky reaching for the zenith of its power. STORM, Aurora began to speak sending winds and spiraling gales across the land. In her wake came might formations of dark and menacing cloud. A storm was brewing scowling angry faces appeared in the sky hiding the smile of King Suns face. Rabbits scampered back to their runs , squirrels sheltered in their dreys as birds congregated in small bushes all sheltering from the raging storm as it grew in wrath above their heads. All grew dark within the trees domain, shadows encircled growing plants and fungi were blown until they snapped and flew away lost to memory never to be seen again. Grasses flattened as if by an unseen hand . Stillness grew awaiting the rage an unnatural stillness heralding menace waiting for the hammer to fall. The storm it struck with all its fury as one massive blow. Ancient trees solid and hard fought to keep from snapping in two while young saplings bent with the fierce blow bending double but staying whole. Craclkes and snappings were heard throughout the forest a surreal howling like hounds let loose to tear and bite. Branches broken flew as old oaks stood against the wild attacks, leaves quivering, fluttering, snapping and flying. Elderly Elms, Beeches and birch said sad goodbyes as they disintegrated under the onslaught leaving only stumps protecting new growth in years to come. And then all of a sudden ….the storm was gone. A quietness came into the ravaged forest. , nothing moved ,nothing stirred. Occasionally a broken branch would fall clattering down from the highest crown to thud heavily on the floor below. AFTER STORM, Water dripped from branches and leaves forest floor becoming damp heaven for fungi. Eerie silence settled in the forest creatures were afraid to move . All stayed still huddled in trees, burrows, beneath bushes, in dens, dreys and underwater in streams and ponds. Evil was this silence as mist began to settle over the ground and water. Making all creatures fearful and afraid. Suddenly a light breeze arose aending the mists away in dissolving tendrils.The temperature began to warm and a slight drumbeat could be heard in the forest.It came close then quiet again almost like breathing from the trees.A figure was walking amongst the undergrowth looking like a shimmering ghost.Long brown hair flecked with sunlight gold falling like a waterfall down her back. Her dress floated and swirled like a spring time mist wisping and wafting round her body. With a graceful movement she picked up the drum and began to play a gentle beat. It wafted through the trees and shrubs bringing joy and peace to all that heard. Birds began to chirrup and sing wind gently plucked at the branches of trees like an invisible harpist with caressing fingers. The drum beat rose to a crescendo filling the forest aknew with its spiritual joy again. Mystical song birthed again bringing strength to all, ancient trees swayed to the magical beat,flowers danced and the forest fae came out fron their hidden places to join with all of natures kind. Andrew Mcintyre.(c).2022.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2023

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