My On Going Disability

Things are very hard for me to see and hear, it’s very distracting
I never ever thought that I had such disability that causes problem
I find myself reading the words backwards and it’s more frequent
And I understand things incomplete, wrong, mixed in lost sequence
I guess is guessing my specialty, never really know till I was tested
Things in my mind get all mixed up I get so frustrated and quit
It takes me a while to read and analyze what I see
If the sentences get to long it becomes backwards
My understanding is always being tested and confused
Dyslexia is so unfair, but worse thing I am in despair
Why does my mind recall things backwards?
I don’t understand at all, simply because it takes twice as long
The thing is that is not all, I even hear things differently 
 That I know I recall, I had to take ten hours of testing
Reading, writing, and motor skills that I had
The testers notice I was so inconsistent and so bad
After repeating the sentence three or four times
I ended up finally getting it, I also would start understanding
After the tests they did sequences, which show the start and end
What happen was that I could not pretend
That the order of the things was mixed up in my head
I put one, as three and two as three, and three as one
I am confused because I did not read the small sentences
Under the pictures words was mixed, not mixed for normal people
But mixed for me, so I was completely caught off guard
The big pain was that it takes me three or four more hours
To complete a total paragraph of a book to read
And that frustrates me a lot, this feeling that is hard to control
Because I am such a mess, in the understanding of a sentence
It takes so much time for me to read and sometimes write
It makes me want to cry, but instead I basically quit which is wrong
My disability takes time, so time will tell how I will learn
Most of the time it is hands on, with a person, one on one
I do take med for such unfortunate physical curse
Just because I take med does not solve my problem or disability
It will help, but I have to trust my own mind and learn by honesty
So my disability is somehow connected to how my response 
I have to be patient and try to agree, with people who don’t know me
This curse is sad, but a lot of people have such disability like mine
It takes many years to start getting things corrected with my disability
I don’t frown as much as I get older, I become smarter and wise
Through time, because that is what makes my disability go away

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 12/10/2017 10:34:00 AM
A very beautiful written poem, it truly touch my heart. You see everyone has strength and weaknesses, nobody is perfect in this world, so look at your strengths and I do hope that you defeat your disability and that a time shall come when you ll no longer remember it, I also have a disability, I can t make words sounds right, c will sound as t, s as ath, z as g, d as g, difference between t and k etc, well it doesn t have any cure so I ve to live my whole life like this and it s always hard
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Date: 5/23/2017 7:18:00 PM
look up the Scottish Rite organization to see if they are in your city or town. They offer FREE phenomenal weekly tutoring using the gold standard method of teaching and aiding dyslexic readers (Orton Gillingham method). I have a dyslexic son and I also used to tutor with them. Free if you have a formal diagnoses of dyslexia.(register with your school to get that testing done)You may have to get on their waiting list but is well worth it. Will give you great skills and self confidence galore!
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Date: 5/13/2015 11:54:00 AM
This was a very insightful read into the disability of dyslexia and certainly shows no indication of it in this awesome free verse. Well written.. thanks for sharing xx~xx
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