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My Friends and I

A friendship gathering
in the land of Goshen ...

My friend, Flip J says transcendently,
that publican people are only telling you
half the truth every single usury time,
with a crocodile tear in their eye
The other half they’re selling you 
all of the debt time
is a dirty Mississippi alligator lie
My other friend, Sky Queen nods,
her regal Nazarene head going up and down
Raises her voice, but not too loud
And shaking her long, raven-black dreads,
she crows:
I double the deck with everything Flip J said
Then she breaks off some more no-debate bread
with a solid gold ghetto truism:
Plastic politicians gon always
pimp the fake realism
Telling you, they’re on shorty poor’s side,
but they ain’t 
Giving the rich the free gravy train ride;
breaking the bank,
by cutting the long taxes
And I oughta know,
‘cause I once had that kinda money before
Then my third friend, Cool Beat,
with his signature Cheshire cat grin,
made a smooth feline landing jumping in
Patting his perfectly shaped Afro,
which was not too short and not too long,
he spoke in his rumbling low tuba tone:
Them spineless three-piece jellyfish
gon always give the double niners the sting
Sky Queen speaks truth ‘bout those cotton mouth kings
She’s a proud, private lady ... 
and won’t tell you 
she gave most of her money perch away,
but still God got her sitting safe
That good woman’s actions speak rightly:
money come and go, but love always stay
Flip J, with his corporate-cut bald fade
and charismatic velvety voice, 
was in a meditative repose 
He looked at me with closed eyes
that was on a cosmic cruise galactic sail
And he mused: Rico Suave, man ...
Cool Beat knows us all too well!
I said not a word the whole time,
my silent agreement spoke for me
Then I voiced with soft, biblical humility:
a threefold cord is not broken easily
With a hushed, synchronized amen,
they all arose and said fond goodbyes
Thus came to an early evening end,
another gathering of my friends and I  

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 10/23/2017 1:02:00 PM
I loved it....... is all I can say. Have a nice day my friend and Peace Always
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Date: 10/20/2017 8:51:00 AM
Great storytelling Freddie..
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