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My Beloved - 3 - Super Crown Of Sonnets - Valentine's Collection

From your tender heart I shall never part, 
always in my dreams, I shall be with you. 
In each dream, I am hit by cupid’s dart, 
now this loving dream let us float on through.

Your pliant temple I now do caress, 
as I now breathe in your essence of love. 
Our passion is mixed with such tenderness, 
our heart does lift to Heaven up above.

Now I do gently enter your sublime, 
our temples dance within our joyful peace. 
A song of love singing eternal rhyme, 
through these passionate dreams, all troubles cease.

Always in our dreams our love it is true, 
now desire sings as I do enter you.
Now desire sings as I do enter you, 
you sigh in your pleasure my sweet divine. 
The vows of my love I ever renew, 
within each soft dream where our love does shine.

Within each kiss, we find love’s joy divine, 
as our temples dance deep felt our desire. 
We sip from love’s cup, we taste sweetest wine, 
deep within ourselves, we feel passion’s fire.

Feeling joy in the song we are singing, 
our shadow’s dance against a lover’s sun. 
Enshrined in our passion, our heart winging 
through the azure, til our dream, it is done

We do perspire within our paradise, 
white lightning shall flow and our passion’s rise.
White lightning shall flow and our passion’s rise, 
desires flow freely within our passion. 
As our dance goes on under azure skies, 
we know our love we shall never ration.

Our passion spent it ever flows, 
I am ever lost within your glory. 
On the breath of a sigh, our love it grows, 
now in every dream, our love story.

Now in our passion our moans they do rise, 
soon we shall be consumed in love’s own fire. 
I shall lose myself within your bright eyes, 
from glory’s dream, we shall never retire.

Orgasmic yell under the sky so blue, 
in God’s wild country, our love we renew.
In God’s wild country, our love we renew, 
each precious night, together in our dream. 
We share a love that is ever so true, 
whether we lie in sun or in moonbeam.

My love, give me your hand and we shall rise, 
down we shall walk to the river below. 
What beauty my love, lies before our eyes, 
as we drink, on emerald green, on show.

Emerald green and purple Heathered hills, 
they reach out to horizon's gentle dawn. 
Gently sloping hills where breeze never stills, 
where our echoes of love are never gone.

Wherever we are this is paradise, 
together we are until sunrise.


To Be Continued..........

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/9/2019 1:15:00 PM
I would like to thank all those who drop by to view this piece. Your visits help a poet to keep singing. Hugs....Mike. XX
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