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My Beloved - 1 - Super Crown Of Sonnets - Valentine's Collection



Oh my beloved, joy to me you bring, 
your love-light is shining deep in my dark. 
You are the beauty that makes my heart sing, 
gently we sing with the tones of the lark.

In gentle persuasion you do come to me, 
your eyes, they are singing your siren song. 
A beautiful Goddess my eyes do see, 
within your glory is where we belong.

My beloved angel, come sing in my arms, 
I always see you before my soft eyes. 
Within glorious dreams, I know your charms, 
love will take us both to our paradise.

Oh, my queen, you are my everything, 
the love of my heart, love’s song that I sing.
The love of my heart, love’s song that I sing, 
as the night does come, my heart comes alive. 
Within my mind, I hear Angel’s singing 
and I know through dream, our love it will thrive.

Let the darkness enfold me in our dream,  
let me dream of love’s gentle peace with you. 
Oh, my beloved, you are love supreme, 
come take my hand as this dream we float through.

Now I close my eyes as your song I hear, 
the joy in my heart sings out to the skies. 
In the glory of peace, I shed love’s tear, 
I now know where my love ever lies.

I shall look for you within a moonbeam, 
this is your glory that comes in a dream.
This is your glory that comes in a dream, 
shining so bright like a star in the night. 
We shall always meet by the starlight stream,
finding our peace in the glimmering light.

Now it is time for the darkness to come, 
where I see nothing more than your lovely face. 
My gentle heart keeps love’s time like a drum, 
I await your coming in this dream space.

Come, my beloved, your gentleness bring, 
into love’s sweet song, that shall never end. 
Within each dream scene love’s song shall we sing,
to your tender heart, I shall gently tend.

Come, my love, you are my everlasting, 
stand before me, your love-light entrancing.
Stand before me, your love-light entrancing, 
light comes to my dark as you do appear. 
Your gentle smile sets my eyes to shining, 
before your beauty, I do cry love’s tear.

Now there is light, your temple before me, 
the most precious jewel that I ever hold. 
When you are with me, what glory shall be, 
you are love’s greatest story ever told.

Deep in the stars, we shall stand together, 
you in my arms as the stars do shine bright. 
Soon you shall lie with me in the heather, 
as the green hills stretch out before our sight.

Here we do stand at the start of our dream, 
you are the glory of our love supreme.


To be continued

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/9/2019 3:25:00 PM
This is absolutely beautiful Mike! This poetry flows from you so smoothly. :)
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Raven Avatar
Vladislav Raven
Date: 2/9/2019 3:37:00 PM
Hi Heidi, thank you for dropping by and the comment on the start of my Super Crown of 31 Sonnets, it is much appreciated. I am so glad you liked this part. For all I lack in life, God gave me a heart that ever loves, no matter what. I try to use this love to write my simple writes. have a wonderful Saturday. Hugs...Mike. XX
Date: 2/9/2019 12:42:00 PM
I would like to thank all those who drop by to view this piece. Your visits help a poet to keep singing. Hugs....Mike. XX
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