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more guns for everyone

The NRA has decided
?That the best solution to global problem?
Of rampant violence and crime everywhere
Is for the rest of the world?
To become like the U.S.
?Where anyone can buy a gun

?As an armed society 
is a polite society’
And so the President
 is about to announce?
A global campaign 
against gun control restrictions?

As these restrictions
 are an undue burden?
On the rights 
of the US arms manufactures

To sell their guns 
everywhere in the world?
As everyone wants 
what we have to sell?
The best weapons in the world

Instead of trying to limit the damage?
That unrestricted gun sales
?Have done to the U.S.
Our President, 
our great leader?
Wants to sell more guns?
Everywhere in the world

And there are eager buyers
Lining up around the world
?Eager to buy the best guns
?The world has ever seen

We want to export?
The gun madness?
That has infected our society?
Leaving behind 
so many dead bodies

The dead were not consulted?
For they remain dead?
They do not vote?
They have no voice

For the guns silenced
them for good
?just as the guns intended

?Just doing 
their gun thing after all
it is the buddha nature
of guns to kill people

Humanity has evolved?
From stones to arrows?
to biological  chemical weapons, 
guns, missiles and nuclear bombs

And the U.S.
?While proclaiming itself?
A champion of Human Rights

Remains nothing but a country
?Of greedy, powerful corporate gun runners?
Merchants of mass  death

note: this may be too political and in your face but I don't care. I have had enough of this nonsense. We must stop the carnage in our streets! That’s my two cents worth and I am sticking to my guns pun very much intended.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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