Money and Happiness

They say that money 
does not create happiness
I remember valentine's day
2001 I finished work

Took a trip through 
the plaza and brought
two stuffed animals 
a panther and a leopard

Having to carry 
it home on the bus
people said your wife's lucky
you're spoiling her

Getting home 
the look of surprise
the pleasure and joy
happiness surrounds our home

Granted different things 
affect different people 
yet money brought
the stuffed animals

Money bought 
the happiness to our home
yet a starving person 
without money 

can't feed a child
that does not create happiness
clean the house 
and a woman will be happy

cook a meal 
and your wife will be proud
shouting your praise to the world
they skite about their lovers

yet naughty boys
also catch their attention
the forbidden fruit 
of loves desire

The unknown 
is also exciting 
yet the devastation
can rip a lovers heart to shreds

I remember once
upon a time
my mind was torn 
with conflicting desires

Always thinking never stopping 
fighting to overcome 
conflicting desires
hating my life

hating my job
stuck in a rut of confusion
I wanted out of my job
yet wages supported my family

The war within destroyed that life 
hurting my loved ones 
I stayed to long in the job I hated
you have to be true to yourself

I also fought a internal battle
the addiction to cigarettes
with costs I could not afford
the battle went on

Granted money does 
not make happiness
you have to fight 
the war within

find the job you like
live the life you enjoy
I have no battle now
I overcame my addiction

Am I always happy 
no but i have a lot more 
happy days 
my mind is at peace with myself

Money does not create happiness
they are two different subjects
staying in a job just for the money
does not create happiness

Money creates the means
money can pay for the dancing lessons
but only you can know 
if you enjoy dancing

you get out of life, 
what you put into it.
add dancing, music and fun
then perhaps, you'll find happiness

Allow fear to rule your life
and money will not help
so many men afraid of losing their partner
force them to live a hidden life

Attempt to force a woman with anger
with violence and eventually you lose
fear might control them for awhile
yet eventually they will escape

the violent home
is never a happy home
give each other freedom 
if she leaves you will meet another

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