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I suppose you wanted to leave us all behind
Momma, what am I supposed to do? Love you?
I chose to write this poem to belong and find
That life is so beautiful beyond the hedge, who knew

I want to be kind to myself once more
I am handsome to the, I adore…
I need to forgive the horrid past
It won't last, it goes by so fast

I guess you wanted to move on from your family
Momma, what am I supposed to it? Accept it with a smile of pity? 
I chose to write this rhyme to set my mind ablaze with desirable hope
I can cope with the coursing emotions inside if I hold on to life's rope

I want to think positive and do what's right
I am stronger than I realize, I am not alone and I'm not a failure as I take flight
I need to forget the hours wasted somehow
It won't last longer than a minute, so take a bow

I won't grieve anymore 
I won't fight this silent war
I won't leave worry ajar...I chew tension's tar
I won't break promises that are made from afar

I won't escape my endless, personal responsibilities
I will accept my many possibilities and opportunities 
I can't just give up and let sick sorrow sink in again
I can't just give in to a failure's mentality from within

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 7/15/2019 5:44:00 PM
J.W. Earnings, haven't been in your field of poems for a while. I was sad to read this. I hope your father was a good father and he was there for you, or strong family support of some sort was there for you and your siblings (if any).Some mothers leave for valid reasons, like domestic violence,but they usually take their children with them.I am not sure of your circumstances,or your mum's,but I am thinking it would have been a hard decision and she regretted it. It was never you. Strong poem.x
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Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 7/16/2019 1:13:00 AM
My father is good to me and my family. (: I have siblings and they are fantastic! Thank you!
Labyrinth Avatar
Lady Labyrinth
Date: 7/15/2019 5:46:00 PM
You are stronger than you realise...and you are not alone.
Date: 7/13/2019 7:02:00 PM
i lost my mother almost 24 years ago, the pain is still there just tucked in my mind! i can relate to this one! lovely write for your mother's memory :)
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Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 7/13/2019 10:50:00 PM
I'm so sorry to hear :(! Awesome that you can relate! This poem is about my mom, leaving the house, not the death of her. :) But, it can be interpreted differently. -JWE
Date: 7/13/2019 7:21:00 AM
Losing a mother is not easy. The grieving process has many stages. If we put a lid on grief, it won't work. All of us have unique ways we grieve~ There are grief groups that are helpful, The worse thing to hear is "She had wonderful life," best you have family and friends be a support.My Mother's anniversary of death is July 16th. Your poem is so moving and true PR
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Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 7/13/2019 10:53:00 PM
This poem is about my mom, leaving the house, not her death :). But, I totally agree with you and it is terribly sad. Thank you! This poem can be translated in many ways though!