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Men And Emotions

That men have no emotions is a misconception But we drop them with little reception So we bottle them up inside Ironically finding the bottom of the bottle to confide Men are taught to be strong And that any weakness is wrong But in my 28 years I've found These are lies and the truth might astound Take for instance the little boy with skinned knees Who happened to fall while enjoying the breeze Maybe comfort that little boy when he feels weak Instead of making him feel meek Men get so used to holding it all in Until their soul bursts from within And they lash out in violence Because they've suffered in silence And I'll be the first to say it shouldn't be that way Not day after day after day Men are taught not to talk And yet when they strike out we simply balk At the idea that maybe the problem is institutional And we might have to move away from the conventional When men have a higher rate of suicide And men are more likely to be victims of homicide There's a toxicity in the foundation That doesn't fit the narrative of the news station We're just taught that's the way men are But this damned lie has been spread too far To get rid of violence You must eradicate silence And some will argue men have every opportunity But tell that to a young man in the inner city Who is so used to a cycle of drugs, thugs, and crime Perpetuated by the media all the time He's just trying to survive In a world that will never see him thrive But as a poet I feel there's something strong in verse And this social construct is something we can reverse And I don't condone murder and rape Just that men need a safe place to escape And no place is safer than the written word So encourage your sons to be written and heard Give them outlets to express their pain And that it's okay to think with their brain Instead of resorting to their fists When they're lost, afraid, and pissed So that we know men having no emotion is a misconception Maybe next time give them a little reception

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Date: 8/28/2018 7:38:00 AM
Now, that said it all and much more which you had in store seeking a silent shore, that God for us He made it for.
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