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Memories in our Minds as Bodies

I remember my mindbody would tense
then relax into confusion
while non-consiliently reading Bucky Fuller's "Synergetics 2."

I also remember,
and too often reweave,
Fuller's stream of thought ecoconsciousness
as I read  Beck and Cowan on the well-timed subject 
of improving/transitioning temporal climates,
cultural memes with both healthy and pathological faces.

I began adding to 'meme'
other words that felt familiar
like time and Tao and climates
balancing both interdependent integrative left brain 
and right brain nondual co-arising empty-notnot zen sets and organic networks 
of seasonally nutritious rich resonant time.
Tao became time became rememory climates reweaving each time Beck and Cowan used this (0)-soul placeholder noun/verb
in our octave-evolving theory of Earth's anthro-history.

Fuller spoke not of memes but memory banks of speciating 
cooperatively intelligent time.

"Children conduct their spontaneous explorations
and experiments
with naive perceptivity.
They have an innate urge
first subjectively
to sort out,
find order in,
integratively comprehend,
and synergetically memory-bank their experience harvests
as intertransformability system sets
[transubstantiating nutritional-digestive 

they eagerly seek to demonstrate and redemonstrate
these [cause-effect robust interdependent-organic-ecological] sets
as manifest of their comprehension and mastery
of the synergetic realizability of the [Earth's] system's
[nurturing] physical principles.
Consequently children [of any species] are the only rigorously pure physical
[ecological v toxological] scientists.
They accept only sensorially apprehensible,
experimentally redemonstrable physical
[health v negatively deviant] evidence
[of feelings with their belief systems about our feeling-belief exegesis]."

This brings a much more pronoiac [less paranoid pathology] climate
to the perennial wisdom that we must each be reborn again as children.
In other words,
especially our political and economic leaders,
but no parent of any species is exempt,
we are born to be for health and against toxicity,
for becoming more ecopolitically cooperative
as multiculturally polypathic memory banks of ecological wisdom.

It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

A bird now
is worth the two that you future see
with the one you shadow remember
shyly waiting in that bushy ecoconscious memory.

We want ourselves
but also our economic and political leaders,
all creatures with diverse resources and powers 
to influence, with our active cooperation, 
our internal and external climates,
to remember, notice, focus 
where our personal and our public health meet,
co-arise nondually for WinWin ecopolitics.

Those who have become too enamored
with our overly-Yanged competitive reaction to Earth's natural limitations,
it is past time to turn around,
visit with healthier alternative directions,
more cooperatively rooted in nutritional sensory outcomes
for health,
and truly prosperous abundance
of regenerative WinWin wealth.

Those who are more enamored of RightBrain arts and crafts,
with a tendency to remain linguistically stuck talking about Turquoise jewelry and wise wealth,
that's all find and good
beautiful and true,
but we will never overcome LeftBrain dominance 
without learning to play more nutritionally-strategically
on behalf of ecopolitical LeftRight bicameral cooperation.
LeftBrain can understand and appreciate the inclusive multicultural difference
between WinLose evolutionary assumptions
and WinWin synergetic revolutionary evidence of enculturing history,
to date.

Turquoise spiralist revolutionaries
can use our polypathic Left Brains to laterally deduce and declare
ultra-violet thru red with blue Right Brain created nematic nurturing feelings
of (0)-centric co-gravities 
within fractal climate regenerative seasons,
organic structures revolving Earth's Time,
etching exegetical DNA/RNA 4D Prime Relational SpaceTime thermodynamic balance
across dipolar co-arising hearted bilateral bodies 
with enspirited bicameral minds.

I notice my mindbody spiraling cooperative revolutions
while rereading memes as bicameral memories 
banking then networking Fuller's Timeless Synergetics 2 ecopolitics.

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