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Marmalade Kitten, Teddy and Me

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I will turn back the pages of my life to when I was just
a little girl on a bright sunny summer day .  . . 

It was all Teddy Bears idea to take Marmalade outside,
he was just a tiny kitten, a fluffy baby, not very old.
So, I picked Marmalade up and cuddled him in my arms,
and Teddy too.  Neither was heavy but one was wiggly.

Outside on the green grass I set kitten down and waited,
and waited.  He was perfectly still, staring, then all
of a sudden he was running and skidding sideways and
stopping suddenly, I was laughing until he darted off
running very fast into the street.  Oh my gosh!

I was able to catch him but he was not co-operating
and fell out of my hands and I'm crying because I
dropped Marmalade kitten down a storm drain, 
GONE FOREVER! And it was all my fault (and Teddy Bears)  
I lay down and looked into the drain but could not see him
but heard a faint  m e o w . . . meow, meow . . .  

Teddy stay here I am going to get mommy and I ran off.
Mommy came right away and she lay down too and called 
out for Marmalade and we heard it again,  m e o w !!!!
Soon, many people were gathered and we did not know what
to do until someone saw a fire truck and hailed it down.
Oh Mr. Fireman, please save my kitten ! I wept and wept.

The Firemen talked together for a moment then lifted the
grate, and used a flashlight to look down and there was
Marmalade in the mud, MEOW!!! he yelled.  Then, one was
climbing down.  I said to Teddy, oh this is a real tragedy! 
After what seemed like hours, the fireman lifted a very dirty 
ginger kitten from that dark hole and all the people cheered
and clapped their hands. I was jumping.

Someone had a towel and we wrapped Marmalade up and I 
hugged him to my heart, soon he was purring very strongly.  
Mommy can we give him a bath because he is dirty? Then, I
noticed Teddy sitting there where I had left him. Poor Teddy!
Mommy said that we should give Marmalade time to rest and
then wash him.  But, Teddy was getting a bath right away so we
filled the bathtub with purple bubbles and I jumped in too!

My advice to others...  just don't take your kitten out when
they are too little and listen, don't drop them down storm drains
because they could be gone forever.

The End. 

February 26, 2019

Written for the contest, Down A Storm Drain, Gone Forever
sponsor, Eve Roper 

Checked on Grammar Checker.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/28/2019 1:20:00 PM
love this, my friend - very sensible advice too!!!
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Date: 2/27/2019 3:09:00 AM
Great advice Constance!
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