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Visions comes and Visions goes
Deep within my soul lies the reflections of an aging soul
A distance murmured cry was heard
From the echoes of a songless wind
Singing of a song long forgotten

I cannot say that I dont care
Cause I am aware that they are everywhere
The cautios wolf cannot be seen as a coward
His' simply aware constantly knows whats going on
That the wheel of life turns on and it wont hold on
Wish I'd be a bird of prey,Pure and blessed
A hawk who could ease the pain
But then again,that just a pleasent dream

The sun sets at the horizons
Briging the night on its way,
Moon and stars-The jewels of the NIght Sky
Feelings things,The werewolf ways
Pain grows and hurting endured
Emotions building up ,slowly turning into a rush
Senses grow and gifts formed
From the forms newel,A werewolf is born
Amongs the shadows,I shall walked
Forever seeking and searching...

Dont look back to tell me,It is where you belong
We're the last decendants,In the line of valiant soldiers
We're mistreated angels,We are the blackbird nation
We're the chosen ones,We're the last decendants
We're a tribe of unsung glory,We're the Lycans!

There is not the slightest doubt it all-Not at all
When the time is right,You shall be on my side
Hate will grow like a foul cancer
To find a foe seems to be the answer...
Dont be a fool and never yeild
They've stained the holy ground.
Hopefully they sadly admits
There's no here, no place to hide
Tjere si no shelter to the storm
The maddened wolf will spread terror
But I know bitterly they will stumble
It's you who has said there's no tommrow
It's surely built in sadness
But the sadness sure to go by
So we all know the answer
The answer's within...Its in your mind...

Blaze Shadowmoon

Copyright © | Year Posted 2005

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Date: 1/19/2016 12:39:00 PM
NORREEN, I really enjoyed this poem thanks for sharing **SKAT**
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