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Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 23

I conversed with the lone demon,
Who had asked for redemption on an earlier day
On this day her voice was mightier,
More brave, and powerful
She dared not sing in the presence of the Dark Prince,
But spoke freely to me,
Inquiring on Christ and His sheep
She too, spoke to me with the Prince nearby
Unafraid of the consequences that may follow her orations

“Perhaps in your silent despair,
Your thoughtful pauses,
You mean to relax his heart
So more precious you have become in his eyes…
Though long your song has lulled him,
E’en before your change, dear soul,
E’en before your birth…”

I looked at her strangely, seeing some new glimmer in her eye
“Who are you, demon?” 
She chuckled, tickled by my wary curiosity
Softly, he growled 
“Do you not wish to know who he is? 
We are mere demons—flesh to the soul
Intestinal tubes to a putrid heart
He beats for you riotously, we marvel
He commands, we coo
See now, he grimaces, finding me unworthy to speak to you
See now he glowers, growling in low undertones
Waiting in impatient tempos
We are the rests,
He is the noise, the music, the big bang
The awe-inspiring, awful, Devil, 
And I,
I am a demon, as you know well
Just a demon in the dark. . .
A follower
A creepy crawler,
A nothing. . .”

“Then speak NO MORE, confident clown!
Deceived fool!!!!
Forbidding distraction!” Roared the Prince,
Swooping in-between us with swift wrath
The demon stood her ground, taller than I remembered
Her more slender wings healed, though haggard

He expanded his great wings, blocking her fully
As his voice grew soft and light,
Sardonic and cynical
His decided mind mad with respect for me 
He turned toward me 
“Unless, oh inimitable spirit,
Graceful woman of light, 
You deem her worthy,
Unless you, my newfound pleasure, 
Desire her here in our regal company?”

He stared at me probingly, 
Waiting darkly and angrily for an impressionable answer
Anciently possessive, though craftily considerate
But there was something original in his coal black eyes,
Something new, almost fragile,
And though his body blocked the vision of the she demon,  
Her presence permeated a grotesque grin, 
Lighting up the shades of his wings
I breathed in his receptive scent, 
Marveling at the changes in him
How fast he seemed to fall for me
How different he was becoming,
Despite how devious his motives may be

I sang,
“You are, 
The Devil I have thought of,
When in heavenly spaces, I sorrowed yet still!
You are,
The splendor that needs this light, 
Who has rejected it more than I can fight,
But who has embraced it when you deemed it right!
You are, 
A decision I will make,
I will not leave you alone,
I cannot acknowledge her as my own,
She is of your whelm, 
An audacious demon, enigmatic and gray,
But, it is you, oh Prince whom rains upon my day
You are the reason I am here,
The reason that I sing
A reason that is clearer everyday
And you are the reason I shall leave,
With or without you, I will grieve. . .
You are the Great Fallen Angel,
And I have fallen, in more ways than one,
Let her be my witness
When I return to the Son!”

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 4/8/2016 1:51:00 AM
Oh my great Poetess,your purpose in this piece has never been more eloquent and mature!You are truly discovering the rich depths of their hearts, its so glorios in relentless salvation, for both.It pleases me like hearth fire throbbing upon a lonely shadow that you have made your witness in hell's heartache a she demon, and you've given her such mischievous sympathy, wow!"I cannot acknowledge her as my own, she is your whelm" the personality in movement is tremendous! This is my new FAV! J.A.B.
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Breidenthal Avatar
Laura Breidenthal
Date: 4/8/2016 4:50:00 PM
Thanks for your sweet enthusiasm and support. Truly means the world! ~Laura
Date: 3/31/2016 12:58:00 AM
Very well penned, Laura. Fantastic ending lines. T.J
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Breidenthal Avatar
Laura Breidenthal
Date: 4/8/2016 4:49:00 PM
Glad you enjoyed! : ) ~Laura
Date: 3/30/2016 12:07:00 AM
Excellent. Well penned. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing it.
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Breidenthal Avatar
Laura Breidenthal
Date: 3/30/2016 2:30:00 AM
Thanks for taking the time to read.:) <3 ~Laura