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King of Kings: 91-172

11	Contracted in this state our marriage made
		And only far too late we recognize
		That gladly with Reptilian Flesh we’ve laid
		The veil torn away revealing eyes
		Of yellow flame exposéd we surmise
		Out from the darkened room these floating orbs
		No longer hidden ‘neath a nightly guise
		We try to look away but it absorbs
	Consuming all we are, becoming hordes.  

12	A vicious lie beneath a treachery
		A lie from which we cannot look away
		We love this all consuming lechery
		We love the Beast demanding that we stay
		“Absolve yourself” quoth Rex in gravely bray
		No need to rage against your master now
		All things I’ll grant to you just kneel and pray
		Eternal pleasure for your soul I vow
	Relinquish it! That awful burden. Bow!
13	So held in desperate stupor we must wait
		As New Jerusalem pounds at the door
		That bride adorned by God now filled with hate
		Against this Serpent’s kin she doth implore,
		“Release my love and rot! Deceiving whore!
		Return your corpse to hell and burn in flame!”
		No answer heard, collapsing on the floor
		She weeps for Human weakness, cursing name
	“Oh Father! God!” quoth she, “It’s you I blame!” 

14	O must I suffer like my mother, Eve? 
		So helplessly betrayed by wicked snake?
		A measly apple eaten? No reprieve?
		And this describes the justice that you make?
		So tell me God the rule I now forsake?
		The fitting crime committed by my hand
		That justifies the ancient vow you break
		To save my lover from their own remand
	And I Oh God! Left watching. Helpless! Damned!

15	If only I could tear with holy might
		These bolts out from the wall and wrap around
		That filthy gorge these hands, they gripping tight
		And strangle horrid Rex upon the ground!
		Its final kingly words a gurgling sound
		The lifeless corse, I’d leave in haunted stare
		Alone to answer for the sins it’s found
		In Hell, A massive stone to bear
	Upon Its scaley back forever there.

16	That rock which God himself hath built upon
		Behold his founding Church victorious
		Displayed atop that Satan’s earthly spawn
		Like Atlas holding Earth laborious
		My God I see it now! So Glorious!
		The evil of the Earth confined at last
		Under the heavy weight of furious
		True laws of saints and prophets of the past
	Those brave and persecuted righteous caste

17	And God now spoke to New Jerusalem,
		My child you know the answer to your cries
		Why spirits must not interfere with them
		The humans on the Earth, they must surmise
		Amongst themselves the Holy truth from lies
		The love we give must freely be returned
		Else what we love, mere slaves in human guise
		Not human anymore their freedom spurned
	Remember child the lessons that you’ve learned.

18	O spare me God! These lectures that you teach!
		That so called heart of yours lies buried down
		‘Neath heaps of Holy pride no love can reach
		That piece long lost and never to be found
		For I your daughter here in wedding gown
		Must freshly die alone each day
		While you so satisifed will watch me pound
		Upon this wretched door in vain and pray
	BANG! BANG! Come back to me my love I say! 

19	BANG! BANG! Explosive power shakes the air
		BANG! BANG! Release them you deceiving whore!
		BANG! BANG! In Rex’s eyes we deeply stare
		BANG! BANG! She thunders at the bedroom door
		BANG! BANG! The sound consumes the engine floor. 
		BANG! BANG! Dark shapes do tend the searing flames
		BANG! BANG! And keep alive the monstrous core.
		BANG! BANG! These servants with their sickly frames
	BANG! BANG! The sacrifice that Rex so claims. 

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