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Just Doin' My Translation Job

It's all frustratingly LeftBrain relativistic, even nihilistic in its darker ruminating paranoid about chaotic outcomes form, said Einstein's post-millennial ghost. So its all synergetic fractal 4D equivalent SpaceTime, said Fuller, in co-arising nondual P = N(NP)/2 (0)-Core response. Interesting you should find it so, but I am much too busy in my monologues written up and published as Thought Experiments, not particularly hoping to require poetic license, to read your sociometric political free verse, might say Einstein in E = c-cubed reverse time holonic dipolar dialectals. Empty Time is our logical precursor to three-dimensional Interdependent Space, reminds Right Brain, speaking of Left deductive dominance and dissonance regarding dipolar dysfunctional dissonance, defined as WinLose less than WinWin confluence as ecologically nutritious competence, hunting and gathering RNA, then DNA, regenerative solidarity confidence. Too often sub-optimized by premillennial Yang-Space power dominance over RightBrain time and space and sometimes too Yin BiLater-Temporal flowing vacuously along, too yin-recessive to notice that to LeftBrain eternal life would be fullness of interdependent time, while RightBrain ecoconsciousness, when severed from LeftBrain Yang-languaged influence, eternally remains flowing, enlightening synergetic swimming in polypathic timelessness of longing to belong within 3D Yang again. Differentiation of Space integrating extended EarthTribe evolving-regenerating families, relatives, relationships of fractal-octave constant 4D Relativity, Left/Right felt and comprehended as time's bilateral passing, from past regeneratives toward future confluent regenerators; from referent experience through referees of future climate regenerativity assumptions, as if positive, letting go of pre-millennial LeftBrain degenerating dominance, as too Yin-repressive for postmillennial today to reach notnot YinYin wu wei abundance equivalent with Yang. No thing could be relative without at least two some things, unless a verb about prime (0) enthymematic relationship and not just a no thing noun, said RightBrain's flowing collateral heart chakra through LeftBrain's empowering Mindbody naming enforcement of deductive strictures, reductive ecological importance for further healthy-wealthy DNA self-optimizing health as positive regenerativity and polynomial pathology as notnot negative correlational degenerativity. Nothing differentiating without (0) yintegration, no relativities of energy without ergodic rhythms with synergetic purpose, sings Left with Right Brain Bodies in DNA with RNA solidarity, sung through a co-arising nondual (0)-soul fractal-octave key. Why should I care about nothing's primally bilateral definition, asked RightBrain's heart chakra, How could this matter to me, to us? Earth's climate is stuck in decomposingly competitive run-away anti-ecosystemic unsustainable mode. We have refined the RealTime right now global ecopolitical issue, with concomitant depressions and repressions of matriotic-patriotic resonance, balance, co-empowering equivalence, why waste further precious EarthTime beating and bleating about why and/or why not P=NP, 3DSpace=BiCameral/BiLateral (0)-sum TaoTime, etc; all your (0) sum geometric systems of regeneratively cooperative networks mean nothing to me. Well, I realize that, responded somewhat startled, sometimes even Old-School marm grumpy, LeftBrain EcoLinguistic Therapist. So that's all you've got? responds RightBrain YinYin. I'm paranoid about your WinLose ecopolitical death wish nonsense on a global scale, and within my own private NotNot Positive Psychology equivalent both/and complex either/or ambivalence, looking at your LeftBrain cognitive-affective dissonance about me! And I'm supposed to be your open mindbody (0)-sum universal heart chakra, and all you have in response to my deepest vocational dismay is: Well, I realize that!? No, I have more to say but you seem to be on a roll, so I'm trying to listen through your further hyperventilated elaborations about our love thang goin' on, or Climate Health, in your more agapically integral mind with feeling body, we might agree to call optimally best when dipolar co-arising as negative-reverse double correlationally appositional, Our Yang/Yin (0)-soul DNA-encrypting Selves. Hmmm...OK. So, let's hear it. Well, I'm just deep learnin' so give me an ecologically correct break here, I'm tryin' to polypathically comprehend what you love so much about our mutually-held ego/eco-political consciousness, in that big openly interdependent RightBrain Ecologic of yours. Our history regenerates with 4D WinWin Yang opposition to LoseLose Yin, dipolar co-arising reweaving recreating SpaceTime's (0)-sum synergetic healthy wealth, nutritional fertility, embryonically matriarchal RightBrain Divinely Dominant emerging toward our Patriarch-Not(NotMatriarch) PermaCulturally full-hearted LoveChild. You should know, as I recall, through all my PreMillennial LeftBrain Dominant diastolic time, I have been waiting to virally explode our CoArising NonDual (0)-Soul EcoPolitical Health EcoLogical Climax, Promise that life is best where mind and rich-hearted body always play (0)-sum ecopolitical Win-Deductive LeftPower to Win EcoLogical YinYin's notnot beating heart chakra, where you best be feelin' ecopolitically diastatic, and you and I both know politics is all about reconnecting, shared optimally full-octave multicultural agapic healthy-wealthy regenerative sex. See, I knew it. I knew this was all about putting our cooperative investments where your most nutritiously healthy mouth has been. Yes, but our Creation Story is also about digesting Gaia's Eastern InterdependentYang co-arising EmptyYin, Health as Wealthy Wisdom Outcome Stories. Love for ReCreating epic operatic HumaneEgo-DivineEco double-binding Comedy, Sorry, I'm still having trouble hearing a diastatically sustainable pulse.

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