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I've Got Fire In My Soul

I know what it means 
To go to bed without food
To go to school without shoes
To yearn for Eqaul Education 
to free your mind
Just to be told you just can't handle 
White education
Here's Bantu education for you
I know what Poverty is
I've lived it
I've smelled it
I've Breathed it
Yet never accepted it 
Living in a town 
with a twisted perverted mentality
That pinned up lil notices
That said:
This town is for white people only
Black dogs may enter through the back door
Because they are our servants
We are your masters
Permanently and perpetually 
Using the Bible to take everything 
A black man owns
If you accept God in your Life
He will come save you
During your time of need
But you shall not own this land because 
God said I should be your Master
A town that still can't accept that 
a black man is human too
Not some animal to be
Tarred, Feathered and hung up a tree to die 
I've witnessed old wrinkled men 
Bow Down with Surbodination
To call a little boy "Baas" 
I've witnessed neighbors go dig 
Their Loved ones out of the land
They once owned
Because the Master said
I don't want dead people on my Land
Your land?
Did u come carrying land in your boat 
when you left The Dutchland?
Did u come carrying Gold, 
Diamonds and Platinum
When u left England?
Is that why you feel obliged 
to have the black man go down 
the earth's pit to get your diamonds 
so you can have a nice shiny Crown?
While he goes home 
to a table with lil to no food? 
Telling him you better not catch him 
Walking around this town without 
a Passbook,
That grants him that Privilege 
I've got Fire in my Soul
Ignited only by true Virtue,
I climb beyond human heights
I dare not to be just ordinary
I defy human Limitations
I've got Fire in my Soul
Ignited it burns
Explosive, Subversive
Never to be Subjugated 
But Liberated within....

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 5/25/2016 1:22:00 PM
I do love me a good Alliteration poem... LINDA
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Moraba Avatar
Nthabiseng Moraba
Date: 5/25/2016 5:37:00 PM
Thanx for stopping by Linda, much Love and keep those Poems coming they are Wonderful. Geniet jou Dag!!!! Connie..
Date: 2/25/2016 11:21:00 AM
Connie, you're insulting people you don't know. You're doing what you're accusing others of doing. I that really being a nice person?
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Moraba Avatar
Nthabiseng Moraba
Date: 2/25/2016 11:55:00 AM
Mr Atkinson, I'm quite certain most humans can't comprehend what others might have been through in their existence. Until you have been in my shoes, walked the path that I've walked and got the inspiration to put my ink into paper u cannot fathom the atrocities that one has witnessed. Until u can go to a University that's perpetually reffered to as "whites" only in your motherland and be told you have no business studying Zoology and Entomology here why don't you go study Psychology like all Kaffirs do. Until you walk into a Classroom where you are the only minority and the medium of Instruction is Dutch and German with a sign in the bathroom saying "Whites only" It's rather wise to educate and inform yourself of what others go through just because of the color of their skin. I'm not writting my Work to Insult another fellow man. I'm writing my work to Educate those who want to find inspiration in what it takes to Learn and be informed. Thanx Connie