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A breathe of life is in all.
Billions of filthy containers,
Nothing good is expected from them.
They are full of something,q
We've both got to check the profitability needed to replace the trash in them.
I'm afraid and need a motivation to keep the breathe alive,
Don't wish iniquity keeps dominating.
Not to allow self-deception to qualify somebody wrongly.
Today seems to make some of us low class members,
And some of us high class mates.
Situating both the poor and rich under equal sunshine,
Tells of defined indifferences,
We all receives Jehovah's rain.

Truth be told,no soul is called perfect in appearance,
Maybe we still got to grow?
Throwing jabs in suspense.
Wishing to be known?
Pls then we kindly should stay awake and take some pills.
A powerful dose to cure the fake personality role being played,
Or life deserve to be lived by futile deals?
There's a strong pain felt by ridiculed souls placed on trade.
But the skillful men will forever keep their stands before the seats of the great men in diadems.
Remember perfectly because the Greatest Supremo want us to keep this as part of his powerful anthems.

So who did choose to ignore money?
Please tell me there's no one you've ever known and would know.
Yes,others choose to dig for knowledge.
Then the system of things prove that we chase currencies or search for hidden ideas.
Ignoring to picture the result of a wicked man's target setting is a first mark to his downfall which always urge the discreet man to fear the true GOD who is in the highest place.

The warning is still coming from afar,
Yet many ears sleeps in a buried world.
Just because poor happiness is taken as a major fame.
Such a wrong identification?
Good bye dear friend,
Good bye my fellow keeper,
Until we meet to commune with the one who through him we exist in this lonely place.
That's where we would inevitably receive the reward we individually deserve.
So until then,please let's fare well.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 5/29/2019 7:05:00 PM
Hello Anderson Walkinghose, long goodbys are hard to take. Uet when you meet again it is a very long hello. Have a nice evening my friend.
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