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If I had magic with Me

If I had my magic with me
I would have touched the ailing humanity
And cured it would have been,
Within seconds,
Cured, forever,
Without ever fearing any sort of darkness
Grapple at their souls
And inhabiting in them!

If I had my magic with me
I would have touched Death
And never again would it have been tempted
To harvest mortal souls again
For purposes known to itself!

If I had my magic with me
I would have made sure
That Earth remains fulfilled as a Mother
That her tears fall never
That her heart wrenches never
That her breath falters never
At everything that we, her children,
Are doing to her!

If I had my magic with me,
I would have created, for humankind,
A world within this fallen one
So as to have them believe
In the romance of fairy tales,
In the magic accompanying them
In the everlasting pleasures that they promise
I would have imbibed in their hearts,
The way
To have true and genuine love
Burning therein, all the time!

If I had my magic with me
I would have saved my own soul
And that of Love's
I would have touched his inner essence
And would have showed him
The meaning hidden behind our purpose
So as to evoke in him
The urgent need that the skies
Have thrust upon me
To have him acting accordingly
To the musical beats of celestial piano players!

My magic, though
Is left back there
In that realm from which I fell!

Without it,
I become as useless 
As is a rabbit in an ocean
As is love in evil's realm
As is music in a hater's heart!

Without it,
I become powerless
Relying solely
On the mercy of the skies
On its might and its potency
On the faith I hold for it in my heart
On the trust I have for it as well!

Would have been of great use,
Yet, sadly,
Without it,
I can't help but let my heart wrench
And let my teeth clench
As I watch life on Earth roll by!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 5/17/2019 8:36:00 PM
Maybe this answers the question I ask myself nightly "why do you clench your teeth?" Because I need magic, and so far, it is beyond my grasp, so I can fix nothing. Thank you for writing a poem that made me think and feel.
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