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I've witnessed seasons
Year in year out
I've seen faces dark and fair
I've met pple strangers and known
Many of a kind, humble and arrogant
I've met, meeting and still gonna meet

Not all the thick clouds is for rain
Not all the bright skies bring sunshine
Not all the springs give fountains
Not even all the smiling faces give you joy

I'm lucky to see a face that gave me joy
A face that gave me reason to smile
A name that sticks to my mouth and lines my heart
Not just a face, but a beautiful one at that

We may be new in days
Even strangers in a far land
But we found our roots
And chose to stick tugeda
We chose to be tugeda
And tugeda we remain

Our moments tugeda had bn rosier 
Moments we can describe as a dash to the moon
Moments memorable like a dinner in the air
Moments of smiles and laughters
Moments we feel like babies and pets in each other's hands
These are moments second to none in our histories. 
They live and shall live in it till eternity. 

Moment has come again Moment of test and and trials
Moments we stretch our hands and no one to hold
Times we lay and no head to place on my chest
Times no finger to cuddle my nipples nor the tongue to make me feel awe and Waohhhhhh

Moments I wish you whisper into my ears for me to feel that sensational feels down my nerves
Moments I wanna be overwhelmed by your presence
Moments I wanna be drenched with your kisses
Moments to stick you your blossom like my life depends on it

These are the moments I dread and scared of
These are the moments I wish could pass over
Moments I wish I could speak and make it pass
Moments when silence ll send tears down my cheek and leave me speechless

Leave me not without breath
Leave me not with the unrest
Leave me not when I need you
Lemme not scream too loud before you hear my voice
Speak to me in that language I understand
Scold me not to bring me down
Correct me in love and affection
Make me feel loved and needed
Make my mind reach you each time I search for you

My heart goes with you
Likewise it delights in you as u depart
Such as delighted as I was when you gave me your heart
Shade me, never shame me
Rate me, never hate me
Live with me, never leave me
With u I wanna spend a life time
For in you I've seen all I like

I stay by the window
With the curtain hanging in my hands
I peep thru the long lonely street
I gaze into the air like I could send it on errand
Wish the breeze could tell me where you are
I wish it could tell you how I miss you
Could it tell you how I long to see your lovely face again
I wish my wishes are lyrics
I'll sing it in foreign tongues
And write it in many languages

Wish I could lure the birds to back me up
The breeze to help modulate
Would my voice be sonorous
Or would it be electrifying
Would it make sense to you
Would you smile for me
Would it make you cry
Would the tears roll for me
Would it would it would it....

Till we see in warm hug
Till I lift you in the air
Looking into ur eyes in the air with a warm and affectionate smile
I wait for the day like the camel waiting upon the the arrival of the rivers
Line the dry grasses longing after the coming of the rain

The grassland ll be green again
The cloud ll be clear to see
The river clean to drink
The sunshine ll light our world again
And the kids ll jump for joy
This is the day on my mind
The day of your return

Till then, I'll miss a life we lived
Love you till beyond now


Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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