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I Pray For Mother

 Taken from the Novel, ''The Thirteenth Year''  By S.T Nchindo

Dear mother
I seek no special day
I need no remainder
I set no alarm
To bring you to thoughts
Each day, I know you are gone
My heart soars with sadness and fear,
Secret tears still flow

Your departure was so soon
My desire was to see you each day
Oh, mother!
Does it really have to be you?
Death, depart from Mothers
They are irreplaceable
Life so special
Our home we shared,
Is never the same

Thy blood, in my vein doth flow
My gratitude, thus remain eternally
Thy labour, I had food
Thy love, I walked with no shame
Thy understanding, I had education
Oh, mother!
You were simply the best

You gave life to me
In your shadow, I had shade
You called me Mother.
For I carried Grandmother’s name
Oh, mother!
It is a feeling well cherished
It felt so great
Who will call me that again?
I forbid my thoughts to go deep
For the deeper it goes, the more it hurts
I had solace,
For your voice never parted with my ears
In my dreams, you remain featured

My sister and I are heartbroken
However, we are all grown up,
Death has no right
You passed on,
No sight of your grandchildren
Could you have hanged around for a while?
They do something for you
Fetch water or call you grandma

My spirit soars
You aren’t returning
My time is fleeting
My journey just begun
Soon will be joining
Aren’t afraid of death no more
For my journey's end is certain
There, I shall find shelter
Jesus, my Sheppard
Will lead me home
My eye shall delight by thy sight
Talking and laughing
Just like we used to 

Death is victorious,
Yes, for now.
The stage, so irreparable
Even to God, it is irreversible.
It is not well with my soul
It aren’t easy, lesson ought to start
To miss you
To live without you
Surely, my spirit is willing.

Even after life is gone Mother
In my heart, your unconditional love lingers on.
Even after, you have left my sight
My thoughts, your light shines brightly
Even after you are gone
In my memory, you forever live on

In life, I loved you mother,
In death, I still love you
I have done my part
I have spoken to God
He answered saying,
“I only take the best.”

  My lesson is complete
  Your life is celebrated Mother
I have peace in my heart
For I am reconciled by God’s mercy
My father in heaven comforted me
Now I know you are happy there
The pain I felt
The pain that tortured me
Was just fleeting
It’s never coming back
Brief was our meeting
And brief was my pain 

You departed with all my tears
With all my strength
With all my hope
And with all my faith
 God gave me a thousand reasons to smile
Your life, is a life well lived
Rest in peace dear mother,
It was the will of God
Who am I to question him?
I never did when you were given to me
Somehow, I knew this day would come

I have grown, I know
Split salt is never all gathered
Split milk is never gathered
I vow to carry thy love
Thy desire for me I carry along
I cannot bring back the golden years
I have lost life so precious.
Heaven has gained.
Farewell dear mother
Our meeting is certain
Our meeting is soon

To my God, and my King 
I honour you
You called her to peace
Away from this world of confusion
In that land, hearts will never break 
This I know	
For the bible tells me so

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 10/2/2017 3:07:00 AM
love your work, keep writting
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Date: 2/28/2016 8:54:00 AM
S.T Nchindo, Enjoyed the way you expressed every line. Please keep writing, hope to see a new one from you again. LOVE LINDA
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Date: 1/7/2016 1:06:00 AM
S T N, Enjoyed reading your poem, Forever ~SKAT~
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