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I play to win

A day comes,
here comes the sunrise
Making its dawn to feel new and fresh
And smells perfect
That’s when i realized that i play to win, 
Oh yeah! Indeed i play to win,

As the sunlight flashes away
The mist on the ancient mountains,
I gazed upon! 
And i knew that i play to win

I wake up and sat down my feet on the floor,
 to make my first step out of the hut,
As i take a good look of myself in the mirror
I saw someone who plays to win
It simply because i play to win
It doesn’t worth me to bath in a shower 
Or a fancy bathroom
It doesn’t even worth to use a bubble
Or a sweet smelly soap
Soothing my body with olive oils
 Isn’t the list of my worries either

And it is not because i don’t feel to
It is only because i have to follow my dreams
My passion to bath in the stream,
Where my game is about to begin
Where my passion is about to excel,
 That’s where i play to win
Oh yeah…indeed i play to win!
Every goal i set and every plan i make
Every decision i take and every conclusion of it
They’re all meant to be won
They’re all i play for
Simply because i play to win

In my sweet memory i dwell
I sleep in my luxurious thoughts
In my dreams i live
But in my game i play to win
In my challenges i give up not
My failures has never been determined 
To be my mistakes yet
Because it’s not the count of my list
That’s not what i play for
The jungle of my struggles grow greener
The mist distraction works its way to strangle my targets 
But even though i keep on playing my game
I keep on focusing on my goal
That’s the game I’m proud of
Where i always play to win
Restless days and sleepless nights i spent
All the fates and illusion of life
Neither the hunger nor thirst i had
None of them can switch off the passion in me
None of the above can melts down an iceberg of my strength
To carry on with my game, 
The game i play to win

Against all the odd i keep on going
Beneath the palms of my feet lies the power of courage
The sensitivity of what i run for
The ability of what i play for
The craving of what i long for
That’s the passion of my success
Where i keep on playing to win

Sometimes i lose hope but 
My faith tells me to dare not
My soul coughs up the best in me
It calculate the run i take in my game
It settles nothing but the scores 
That I’m about to achieve
The success that lies ahead
The game that i play to win
Oh indeed i play to win!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/21/2018 3:51:00 PM
did she accept the bouquet?
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Date: 7/21/2018 3:34:00 PM
"...i play to win...[and it]...smells perfect..."
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