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I Lost a Whole Weekend (Please Pardon My Rant)

I am your champion, I fight for your cause,
my love and devotion give some people pause.

When I saw you I knew you, just like with your dad.
I guess our deep happiness makes some people mad.

I work hard at my job, so that we can live,
and hear me now, son, when it's time to give,
I am the one who ups the amount,
I've done this more often than I can recount.

I also work so your dad will be covered,
for doctors and dentists and allergists and others,
and who do you think pushed him to go
to the skin doctor some two years ago?

From the moment I met you, you felt like my son,
but this is a battle that cannot be won.
When your dad and I married, I didn't steal him away,
he's just as devoted to you to this day.

I heard someone had told you that I was "controlling,"
(I can't even write this without my eyes rolling).
Who insisted your dad fly to LA to see you?
Who worked overtime to pay for this venue?

I encourage his freedom, I've not clipped his wings,
his happiness, above all, is the important-est thing.

I will not be silenced, nor be vilified,
and it just breaks my heart when you take HER side.

and I'm tired of being so misunderstood.

So, pardon my migraine, it wasn't intended,
my strength just gave out as your judgement descended.

I lost a whole weekend, I slept like the dead,
I was just too defeated to face down my dread.
I kinda' felt reality shatter, unsure what was real,
like in "Jacob's Ladder."

We're getting no younger, your father and I,
the older we get, the faster time flies.
I love you as if you were my own child,
I'll not carry this burden unreconciled.

©Danielle White

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 6/12/2009 10:11:00 AM
Danielle, i am so sorry for this sad spell you went through, but what a Masterpiece came out of it, i don't recall such het up frustration, emotion on a poem on the Soup yet. If you don't mind i am adding it to my favs, and i think i will show it to my kids when they get darned petty and biligerant. I can still feel the afterburner on your pen, McWow >>>>James
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Date: 4/21/2009 7:39:00 AM
Dont let that boy up - make him face reality, that you and his father love each other and he needs to recognize your true part in both their lives - not easy, that's for sure! My thoughts are with you. VJ
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Date: 4/9/2009 6:59:00 AM
Hope this will be resolved soon. So emotionally draining I can relate to the migraine and sleeping. Kids, no matter how old, don't always quite the see the real picture, sometimes for a long time. Eventually they come around, and I hope for your sake, it is sooner than later. Love, Shar
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Date: 4/8/2009 2:31:00 PM
This is heartbreaking, Danielle, .... yet sadly a familiar story in so many homes. Kids believe the worst sometimes, either because they are afraid, or have been hurt, or have heard unkind things ...misconstrued untrue information from others...makes them confused and often angry, and unfair. Hopefully time, maturity will help...God Bless and hoping things smooth out, can hear the sorry.
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