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I Know Not

I know not
what produces and consumes regenerative design
any more than wherein lies recreative imagination
or even empathic and trusting intelligence,
yet I do know this cooperative designer is not me,
and yet I am part thereof,
as are you.

I know not 
if positive therapeutic faith
is a gift from Earth's historic nutritional bounty,
or an internal growth programmed as positive developmental requirement,
yet I intuit that trust in Earth's robust cooperativity
as I grow and mature in this sacred direction also
is fertile rooted
both in collective Earth-regenerate systems
and within regenetic health
as co-empathic trusting consciousness.

I know not 
if trust in Earth's regenerate health is a gift
for mistrusting faith in dispiriting competitions.

I know not 
if cooperative faith in our trust regeneration
could become positively therapeutic
consumption of competition-producing capitalism,
to win more and faster, sooner,
than my cooperative owning and co-producing EarthTribe.

I know not
how to compete for capital gains
flowing in my autonomous direction
without also producing roots of mistrust
in Earth's cooperatively regenerate sufficiency
of revolving spiraling time enough to invest in all.

I know not 
how to disinvest of our regenerative tree,
root embedded within Earth's creolizing temporal unfolding compost
to push out cooperatively transforming branches
beautiful to other tree huggers and warmers,
tasters and smellers
listeners and watchers
shaders and lighters
trusting shared regenerous nurturing root system
of Earth's outrageously public health-wealth bounty.

I know not 
how to RightBrain nonverbally communicate
for fertile robust muticulturing outcomes
while LeftBrain verbally speaks 
only in degenerative despair
for an ever more monoculturally competitive edge
rather than remaining Left-Right co-empathic trusting
in our shared cooperative capital investment potential
for producing consumer balance
emerging multiculturally robust slow-regenerative depth
and resonant resolutions
of I know not whom and what as yet.

I know not
why cooperative tree design
stores our nutritional capital investments
to invest seeds and nuts
for and of future wealth of fertile regenerations,
eco-mentoring further co-enrichment,
root health-systemic forests.

I know not
all-consuming production
of and for regenerative design
or even trusted co-empathic intelligence,
yet I do know Earth's reweaving 
invites this cooperative designer,
who is not me or you,
yet is you with me.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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