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I feel it

Moments I think of you and feel something new. 
My head plays back conversations we had
My soul feels renewed 
My third eye feels awaken 
I feel like there is no mistaking
This new thing I feel inside 

It's not lust or love 
Admiration of the person, who you are
Mad respect for the person, I care
I see you in this new perspective 
In this new light
I realize your not the person 
I thought you were inside
I see a whole new you
And you make me want to be better 
Self encouragement
Yet it's more like you make me encouraged
A life I thought I could never live
Full of optimism and kindness
I wonder sometimes why our paths switched
But I realize it's cause we weren't perfect
We still aren't,but it's funny now
Self love is what I wanted 
I feel like I achieved it now 
And now I just want a companion I can laugh with
A partner to spend my life with

But I know we aren't ready
And we should keep this ship steady
One day I feel like you could relate
But maybe by then it'll be a little late.
I feel like I should speak out and conversate
Have a conversation maybe you would investigate
Maybe you could share what's in your mind. 
And if in the end we don't see eye to eye
I'll die easy knowing that I tried. 

And I'll still feel the way I feel inside
Because regardless this feeling is a feeling I'll share with you all my life. 
Don't be scared to break me
Because I've been broken before
I can over come from it
And it'll help me grow
But I feel it inside.

Universe knows I'm going to try. 
I just hope you understand friend 
That I'm going to ride and die
It's just the person I am 
I hope you realize. 
What I feel inside. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 10/18/2016 11:23:00 PM
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