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I Defy The Clown

I defy the clown that is chasing everyone around
I defy the clown that is closing everything down
I defy the clown and became the biggest talk of the miserable town
Hoary women gathered around looking at me as if I am crazy
They asked me where I am from and where I am going to land
The questions never ceased they look like the real beast of the East
A perfect torture compound designed to meddle with the minds
That was part of the original design but I came just in time and derail the 
evil plan
They asked me where I have been and where I have lived
Bur I looked at them and smiled deeply within
I defy the clown who is trying to water things down
I defy the clown and it’s very hard to sit down
A heat wave suddenly passes through the untouchable base
Scorching plants drying up roots and disrupting everything 
I defy the clown and cause everyone to lose face
They run around scrambling in the market place
Patching up the holes before the next big polls
I have been  studying this place for a long time
and looking for something that is sublime
I prayed and I sing to distill the agony from within
And to purge my soul from the global sins
But I could not control the demons attacking me from within
Everyday a different car parked in front of my house
Sending a strange energy up and down my spine 
Cars coming and going and garden in front of my house
Suddenly turned into a public dispatch center 
They looked like the government workers and undercover officers
I beg and I pea and ask them not to disturb me
But the more I pea the more they mock me
I felt my blood boiling inside so
I jumped on my bike and went for a long ride
I relaxed my mind for a while but that did not solve the problem at all
I had to return to the nuisance and the agony from within
I jumped up out of my sleep to the sound of croaking lizard in the deep
It stood on the wall intimidating me with its coldblooded crawl
I have never felt such spiritual distress before until I enter this floor
Negative energy moving around my space robbing me of my embrace
I thought God had deserted me but the angels came by and rescued me
I obeyed the angels order and the birds landed on my window  
Everyone scattered from the corner and congregate at the border
I defy the clown and everyone starts running around
I defy the clown that had everyone spell bound
I defy the clown that is causing trouble in the town
Men and women gather under the tree whispering about me
While the blazing sun ramps up the heat in my burning chest
Sweat drips from my face and wet my trembling lips 
I defy the clown that cripples the south 
I defy the clown that caused this prolonged drought
I defy the clown that took the bread out of my mother’s mouth
Since this clown come on board it has create havoc all over the town
Riding through my cornfield with his big horse feet
Crushing my seedlings and killing off my suckling  
He has breached the wiring and destroyed the bearings 
I defy the clown in broad day light
I defy the clown who keeps spinning things around
Bragging and boast mocking and screaming
What is all of this hissing and kissing?
I defy the clown that keeps beating on the door
I defy the clown when I meet him at the shore 
I defy the clown and shut down his oil well
I defy the clown and take away his customers
With nothing in his mouth and nothing at his throat
The clown close his mouth and  finally surrender
I defy the clown and restore order to the troubled town
I defy the clown and crush his blasted crown.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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