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The winged god Zephyrus, handsome and graceful
gently flapped his wings, gliding across the meadows.
His eyes fell on naked youths splashing at play
in the sparkling water of a deep wide pool, sheltered  
by willow trees, where fragrant flowers bloomed.
He slowed his flight and looked with lust and admiration.
On the green grass he espied a tender youth;
athletic and beautiful was this young Spartan prince, 
scantily dressed, playing his flute with nimble touch.
Zephyrus’ heart fluttered and leapt; he could not help
falling deeply in love with beautiful Hyacinth. 
Little did he know that he was already being
courted by Apollo! Out of sight he lay in wait 
then made his move and sought him out at sunset.
He approached him and with golden words he tried 
to tempt his heart, but all in vain. Though impressed,
Hyacinth remained firm and faithful to Apollo.
That night, Zephyrus many restless hours spent
alone, ignoring Chloris’s sexual charms.
Entangled thoughts engulfed his frenzied mind,
jealousy clawed at his heart, tore deep within.
Dawn arrived, and bleary eyed he hastened forth
towards the hills, in search of calm respite.
Alas, it was not meant to be; envy reared its head
with poisoned fangs that sent him reeling mad.
Emotions changed from red to green, and in despair
he flew high up, aimlessly circling in the sky. 
Then all at once, upon a verdant field below,
he caught sight of Hyacinth and Apollo 
playfully engaged in discus throwing. 
The green-eyed monster lunged and with swift intent
Zephyrus blew a gust of wind that swerved the discus
from its route and it hit Hyacinth on the head
resulting in instant death. Jealousy prevailed. 
Furious yet heartbroken, Apollo held Hyacinth
tightly in his arms, blood dripping from his temple; 
and with one last act of love he changed that blood
into a most beautiful flower called Hyacinth.

Contest: Epic Only
Sponsor: Skat A
Placed 3rd

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 8/10/2015 8:27:00 PM
Paul.. This is an epic write and win.. A fabulous story that captivates!
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/11/2015 2:11:00 AM
Hi Dave! Greek mythology has always been close to my heart. Thank you for your encouragement! // paul
Date: 8/6/2015 10:07:00 AM
Great works. Unparallelled
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/6/2015 5:28:00 PM
Thank you Kilalo; you're very generous:) All the best. // paul
Date: 8/4/2015 6:19:00 PM
well, It is hard to find any poems of yours I have not seen. but at least I can come to this one and say BIG congratulations to you.
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/6/2015 5:17:00 PM
Thank you, Andrea! Your support and congrats are truly appreciated. // paul
Date: 8/4/2015 2:21:00 PM
Congratulations Paul: Lovely to see the legend in poetic form. Something good coming from bad is always an uplifting message. SuZ
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/6/2015 5:20:00 PM
I agree with you, Suzanne....we can find good even in bad situations. Thank you for stopping by with nice comments. ~ All the best. // paul
Date: 8/4/2015 9:06:00 AM
I love the love story a 7 and congratulations on your win. Hugs dear friend Eve
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/4/2015 9:37:00 AM
Thank you Eve! I am glad that you enjoyed my Hyacinth write! Have a nice day ~ hugs // paul
Date: 8/4/2015 1:24:00 AM
Congrats on ur awesome winning write Paul! Based on a true story if I am right?
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/4/2015 8:19:00 AM
Hi Upma! It's based on Greek mythology. Thank you for stopping by with congrats. All the best. // paul
Date: 8/3/2015 12:02:00 PM
Congrats, Paul! So happy for you. hugs!
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/4/2015 8:16:00 AM
Thank you Kim! I see you have been getting your fair share of the booty, too:) Hugs ~ paul
Date: 8/3/2015 3:47:00 AM
What a beautiful write, this write deserve what is takes, congratulations............A.M.
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/4/2015 8:15:00 AM
Thank you for reading and the nice remarks, Afolabi. // paul
Date: 8/3/2015 2:49:00 AM
Paul, surely you did well to write this.. majestic are your descriptions..!! i like the story!!! as always well-written! hugs!~Olive Eloisa =')
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/4/2015 8:25:00 AM
And as always your visit and comments are lovely and most welcome, Olive_eloi:) Thank you! ~~~ hugs // paul
Guillermo - Fraser Avatar
Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser
Date: 8/3/2015 2:50:00 AM
I like the Hyacinth as a name.. =')
Date: 8/2/2015 11:51:00 PM
Paul, Congratulations, on your win. Thank you for supporting my contest. SKAT
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 8/4/2015 8:22:00 AM
Many thanks Skat; very pleased with my placing. All the best ~ paul
Date: 7/29/2015 12:30:00 AM
Yep, that is epic. All the mythology stories are great fodder for epic poems and this is one of the nicer myths to explain a beautiful flower!!
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Date: 7/30/2015 4:29:00 AM
It is said the character of Hyacinth was based on one of the lady politicians on the Island - would so love it to be true as it is so like her lol:-) hugs Jan xx
Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 7/29/2015 1:00:00 PM
Right you are, Andrea. ~ A far cry from Hyacinth in the tv series "Keeping Up Appearances" !!
Date: 7/28/2015 5:10:00 PM
forget an epic - this is a masterpiece of poetry Paul - what an incredibly story you have penned for u s- good luck in the contest - wow am in awe! hugs jan xx 7 and faves xx
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 7/29/2015 3:16:00 AM
Hi Jan:) Your comments, the fav and your generosity are very much appreciated:) Thank you for the unwavering support! Hugs // paul